Iraq and Kuwait have agreed to convene the second session of the Joint Committee in Baghdad during April next

Date: Thursday, 15-03-2012 02: 41 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Iraq and Kuwait have agreed to hold the second session of the Commission a joint Kuwait-Iraq in Baghdad during the first half of April next, headed by the Foreign Ministers of the two countries.

The statement said today: that the Iraqi delegation led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in his visit Monday to Kuwait for talks with the Emir of Kuwait about the detailed overall issues Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations and reached a number of understandings about the debt settlement company, Iraqi Airways and achievement of a final settlement and cease all proceedings on the Kuwaiti side and legal claims on the company and Iraqi property.

Added: that Iraq is committed to binding international resolutions with complete maintenance signs the land boundary between the two countries and begin implementing its obligations towards the United Nations, also discussed the topic of freedom of navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah and joint cooperation to guarantee the rights of the parties through the joint management and the lack of any harm to the interests of both sides.

Noted: that the Iraqi side also expressed the importance of the cooperation of both sides in Iraq will guarantee the exit completely from the provisions of Chapter VII to full normalization of relations on the basis of respect for sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, mutual respect and common interests and look to the bright future of the two fraternal peoples.

He said that Iraq has met with the President of Parliament Ahmad Abd al-Aziz Al-Sa'dun and Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and a number of members of the Council of the nation and emphasized the importance of inter-parliamentary cooperation and encourage interaction and cooperation between the two countries through joint activities to promote cooperation in all areas./finished/d/s.