Container tax ..

2/25/2016 0:00

Ali Hassan al-Fawwaz
talk about (the tax base) National newly remain about the problem difficult to find quick solutions to them, despite the need for swift action to maximize the wealth, resources, and face serious budget deficit, but the crises fact, inflation, political and economic manifestations, and the spread of financial and administrative corruption and the absence of a comprehensive Alqonnh tax measures will impede the factors Anjaa a real, comprehensive and pot Dharaib.obakta of the concept of the tax base, the characterization, the legal framing him, and activate the control procedures on the application will be a real and realistic source of investment as an effective power in the economic development, which means securing contexts necessary for work done at the level of the law, and the definition of its importance in expanding national wealth level, Valdjulat relating to trade and vocational Alsnaiei work, it can be important sources, and vistas can bet on them, but on the condition that these Logs are present in the correct and effective work contexts, commercial work still faces a lot of randomness and lack of organization, as well as professional work lacks characterization of flour, and monitor proper, and not subject them to work contexts define the nature of the profession, and its revenues, as well as the income Alsnaiei work experience, unfortunately, a real absence due Alarbakat experienced by the Iraqi economy, which is responsible for disabling any real program of manufacturing industries, with import policies undisciplined dominance.

So many things to be supportive of expanding the tax base, which will reflect the essence of government power and seriousness in the market monitor and control the tracks, especially with regard to markets, trades property, financial transfers, and Logs that are related to labor and capital and commercial speculation and others.

But the gravity of the suffering of the Iraqi reality of the problems, talk to activate the tariff mechanisms, and be subject to the tax characterization of a comprehensive national, also will be more a cause for review, and to regulate and control to put it in the context of the activation and expansion of the tax base, and figured out that the Cabinet decision introduction points in the approved border crossing points holds the audit and ensure that tariffs are met, and the development of standardization points of quality control will be a springboard to revitalize the legal proceedings, which necessarily requires real from the House of Representatives in support, and to consider the subject matter sovereign, but has no right to any party or political bloc to act otherwise, if the need for a definition of the importance of the container tax as an area of national, calls for a review of its mechanisms and modalities for its implementation and monitoring at the level of the existing laws, or within the orientations included creating legal frameworks fit and transformations experienced by the Iraqi economic, and the size of the incident changes in its rings import and commercial, which requires the presence of the administrative, technical and computational expertise foster for its proper application, cut the road to suspicions of corruption that have come to represent a systemic threat to the reality of economic.