Alwani describes the inclusion of Article [40] of the budget law for 2012 that [a wrong]

Thursday, March 15 / March 2012 16:25

[Baghdad - where]

MP for the Iraqi List, Khalid al-Alwani include the General Budget Law Article [40] and private salaried retirees of local councils "as a mistake."

Alwani said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "the salaries awarded to members of local councils under a law passed in the previous parliamentary session and can not be canceled by issuing another law only."

He added, "We asked earlier in the Parliament to amend Article [40] of the General Budget Law for 2012, which included the salaries of retirees of local councils have been collecting signatures from a number of members of the House of Representatives for the purpose of cancellation."

The Alwani that he "was supposed to read this article in today's meeting a first reading but the Presidency of the Parliament asked for discussion of the subject thoroughly been postponed," stressing that "the coming days will witness the first reading of this article and affecting a large segment of people."

Alwani and explained that "they stood against terrorism over the years [2007 and 2008] when he was unabated in the incisors and Rehabilitation, prompting members of the previous parliamentary session to grant pensions to them."

He ruled that "this article be canceled by the parliamentary finance committee," noting that "we will work on a modified version under a new law specifies this article is to redress this slide you have wronged."

The House of Representatives had voted in the thirtieth session held today to postpone the first reading to amend the budget to stop the salaries of the relevant district councils in the provinces to draft more mature.

The House of Representatives voted to terminate pensions for members of local councils in the voting session on the state budget on 23 February. Ended