State law has custody of the chest of the Commission & the block wise agree, provided
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Thread: State law has custody of the chest of the Commission & the block wise agree, provided

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    State law has custody of the chest of the Commission & the block wise agree, provided

    State law has custody of the "chest of the Commission" and the block wise agree, provided expanded

    02/22/2016 21:10

    Long-Presse / Baghdad
    National Alliance expressed dissatisfaction blocks Committee proposed by the leader of the Sadrist movement and headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to choose a new Intergovernmental Panel that.

    And put the parties in the National Alliance question marks about some of the names included by al-Sadr in the proposed list, which included 20 judicial and political figure, he described al-Sadr as "independents."

    And wishes Hakim block, which supports pretty much most of what was in the proposal, leader of the Sadrist movement, change some of the names also a screening committee a broader selection of new ministers.

    The rule of law, which belongs Abadi, turn, describing the proposal to adopt the chest, he served as the withdrawal of the government's hands. And it hints at leadership in the cluster to the possibility of persuading the Sunnis and Kurdish parties to form a majority government, as a solution to get out of trouble, "a technocrat government."

    Furthermore, Sadr is willing to start talks with a tour of the three presidencies and political blocs to support the project, in conjunction with the arrangement demonstrations and a wide popular base through the support of their leader steps coming days.

    A spokesman for the Liberal bloc confirms that the withdrawal from the political process, "Ward ordered if not achieved what he sees as al-Sadr."

    He revealed the chest, at the weekend, on the composition of the proposed committee, headed by al-Abadi, "it bears the nomination cabins ministerial national independent technocrats at a rate of three to five people each ministry."

    Read the letter of state law

    But a senior member of the state law Jassim Mohammed Jaafar told (range), said his bloc "will take the word of al-Sadr and his call for a proposal to pilot and could not be adopted." "We will try to take advantage of al-Sadr's proposal and interact with positively."

    He said Jaafar that "the adoption of a proposal the leader of Sadr fully means pulling the hand of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and validity to choose his ministers."

    Revealed by state law for the "uncertainty" of some of the names contained in the Commission proposed that al-Sadr. He explained: "There is no doubt and unease of some personalities proposed by Mr. Sadr."

    The Commission proposed by the leader of the Sadrist group of judges, which included are: Abd al-Qadir al-Hamdani and Sami al-Mamouri Aso and Sophie, and academics from both: Fares Kamal Nazmi and Faleh Abdul-Jabbar and peace Sumaisem.

    The political group included: Sami Al paste and Abdul-Amir Allawi, Amer Hassan Fayyad, employees independents: Shabibi and Ghazi Cka and Jabbar and coffee. "

    Sadr also suggested other names, said it was "advisory committee" of the committee that chooses ministers, stressing that "consulted binding" of the First Committee, and included: Ghazanfar Hamoud Hassan Humairi and Haidar Saeed Asaad al-Janabi and Abdul Redha Jawad Riaz minister Qasim care. "

    Government political majority

    On the other hand, it calls for State of Law bloc, which belongs Abadi, detects "the criteria for selecting each government office or even the Minister inform the public opinion on the specifications of the new candidate."

    Jafar said, "Abadi on to tell us what are the specifications of the Minister of Health or Justice or the rest of the other ministries." Likely to be "Abadi wanted figures from within the ministries in the new government if they are agents ministers or two managers of technocrats."

    It is expected deputy state law that "the process of changing the government will take a long time could be up to several months because of the tension between the political blocs." Well they do not have "several months", Sadr has given them 45 day! -LOOP

    The MP pointed Jassim Mohammed Jaafar said "state law favors if Abadi has put pressure on the political blocs to change the nine ministers have certificates are not commensurate with the nature of the ministry that they manage."

    He continued Jafar "state law proposes, as a solution to get out of the long debate which may be unproductive, recourse to the government of political majority."

    The attention of the leader of the Dawa Party, said, "We do not know whether the political situation allows it," but asserts that "Abadi will ensure access to 165 votes or 170 persuading part of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the mass change in addition to the coalition forces to achieve that."

    Former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki demanded, in the last of his second term, to form a government based on political majority to achieve more than 50% of the seats in parliament, but failed to do so.

    Abadi form in September 2014, a coalition government, it was said at the time as one of "technocrats", too.

    Touches Hakim block

    In turn confirms mass citizen, in the words of MP Salim Chawki, support for the vision of the chest, but "with some modifications, if possible."
    He says Shawki, in contact with (range), "The Bloc leader Ammar al-Hakim agreed to a large extent on the ideas proposed by the chest." He added, "Our goal is comprehensive reform without tinkering," pointing out that "most of the Commission, Mr. Sadr's consistent with what we want from the technical committee for the selection of ministers items."

    Explains bloc member Hakim as "a broader wish Commission comprising experts from home and abroad in line with the introduction of the upper reference called by earlier.

    The MP for Basra "If we do not get on that committee will satisfy the chest with a proposal to change some of the names listed," likely that "not opposed to discussing the chest and the replacement of some of the characters."

    Citizen mass and frequently criticizes the "ambiguity" of the Committee is talking about the prime minister, which is supposed to choose new ministers, demanding to reveal the identity of its members.

    Demonstrations Sadrists

    In the meantime, Sadrist lawmaker Hussein Awad revealed that the current leader Moqtada al-Sadr, who arrived in Baghdad two days ago, met the President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, and will meet with the Prime Minister of the Republic and the political blocs to discuss forming a new government.

    He explained Awad, in his interview with the (range), "The proposal chest legal and ready and does not include the complexities and the political blocs built for professional government."

    As seen by the Liberal bloc that the "paper-Sadr close to the demands of the street", warning at the same time ignored because it "would only complicate the political scene."

    Awad revealed that "the masses of the chest will come out demonstrations in the coming days in support of the project leader of the mainstream," stressing that "in the case of non-acceptance of al-Sadr's proposal will take the blocks are other options, and it would withdraw from the political process, one of these options."

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