Adviser to Maliki: Files Port Mubarak and joint oil fields and investment will be discussed tomorrow in the supplementary round of talks
On: Wednesday 14/03/2012 22:24

Baghdad (news) .. His media adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi, Iraq, Kuwait and the situation in a new road map for relations between the two countries, noting that the two sides Sacetkmlan round of talks on Thursday morning, ending after the Prime Minister and his delegation visit to Kuwait.
The al-Musawi in a telephone conversation of Kuwait with the Agency (news) on Wednesday: that the visit was successful and achieved its objectives at all levels, with activation of agreements and memorandums of understanding between the navies of the Ministry of Defense and Coast Guard of the two countries, and the release of Iraqi Airways for $ 500 million paid department in cash and the rest are found by the airline between the two countries, in the round of talks first.
said Moussaoui: that Iraq and Kuwait and the situation in a new road map for relations, as they had a situation in the frame of the map, too, explained that the two sides will begin on Thursday morning another round of official talks, around the port of Mubarak and the joint oil fields, and the investment portfolio and other files.
Relations between Baghdad and Kuwait, which was the gateway to the transit of U.S. troops to Iraq in 2003, a significant improvement in recent years as it seemed to go beyond the implications of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990.
and push Iraq is financial compensation to its neighbor Kuwait, 20 years after the Gulf War waged by the United States and its allies against the regime of Saddam Hussein's army out of Kuwait after the invasion of them in the summer of 1990. / End / 33. N. R /