Iraq and Saudi Arabia exchanged 201 prisoners on Sunday

Wednesday, March 14 / March 2012 20:44

Twilight News / revealed the Iraqi embassy in Riyadh, on Wednesday, the signing of the Ministries of Justice of Iraq and Saudi Arabia on Sunday an agreement to exchange 201 prisoners between the two countries, indicating that the Convention will include prisoners who were sentenced to judicial deprivation of liberty.

The supervisor of the bilateral relations and legal at the Iraqi Embassy in Riyadh prepared Obeidi said in a statement reported for "Twilight News" that "it is hoped to witness next Sunday the signing of an agreement by the Ministries of Justice in Iraq and Saudi Arabia for the exchange of prisoners between the two countries, totaling 130 Iraqis imprisoned in Saudi Arabia and 71 Saudis in Iraqi prisons. "

"The Minister of Justice Hassan Shammari will arrive in Saudi Arabia to meet with his counterpart, the Saudi Minister of Justice Dr Mohammed Al-Issa and the two sides will sign an agreement to exchange prisoners between the two countries next Sunday."

Obeidi and that "the Convention will include the exchange of prisoners who were sentenced to judicial deprivation of freedom", pointing out that "the terms of the agreement will be agreed upon between the two sides during the signing of the Convention."

Sources indicate that the inclusion of a paragraph for the exchange of prisoners sentenced to death between the two countries and the estimated twenty prisoners were still under negotiation between the two sides Saudi Arabia and Iraq, where there is in Iraq, seven Saudis sentenced to death by the Central Criminal Court, as were similar provisions by the courts in the Kingdom the right to 13 Iraqis, including 11 people were sentenced after their trading provisions of this drug in addition to two others to the presence of special rights on them.

The committee Iraqi security roamed the number of Iraqi prisons to limit the number of Saudis jailed Sousse Sulaimaniya, and Badush prison in Mosul, and two prisons in Baghdad and the imprisonment of Nasiriyah in southern Iraq, and before reaching the final list of prisoners of Saudis in Iraq, which reached the 71 prisoners.