Representative of Iraq to the Arab League: Reduce the agenda of the Summit
Date: Thursday, 15/03/2012 10:35

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Stressed the Permanent Representative of Iraq to the Arab League Qais Al-Azzawi, yesterday that there is a desire to reduce the agenda of the next summit, pointing out that the Palestinian issue and the situation will top the current Arab issues, as pointed out that the University Council approved the addition of an item proposed by Iraq on terrorism.

He said al-Azzawi in an interview a journalist at the Commissary in Cairo yesterday, said that "there is a desire to reduce the agenda of the Arab summit in Baghdad as to enable the discussion of items displayed in a quiet and fast," noting that "the Palestinian issue and the report of the Secretary-General of the Arab League and the perceptions of pre-committee structure of the Arab League and Arab conditions present, especially in Syria and Yemen, all of which will top the conference topics. "

He said al-Azzawi that "there is an item proposed by Iraq and approved by the University Council on terrorism and its impact on the Arab countries and to discuss its effects on all aspects of political life and security," adding that "Iraq's proposal to ensure that the expectation of all countries on the Arab Convention for the fight against terrorism, because there are countries that have not signed it ".

And on the economic file at the top, Azzawi said that "each country will attend the summit to have perceptions, and economic summits have achieved important achievements, including the proposal of the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah at the Economic Summit First in Kuwait in January 2009 the establishment of fund to support small and medium enterprises with a capital of two billion dollars , "explaining that" Arab countries are looking as well as the electrical connection and railway transport. "

And on reports that claim Saudi Arabia to take Baghdad summit a clear resolution condemning the Iranian interference in Arab affairs, said al-Azzawi that "the behavior of Iraq's political confirms that the master himself and abstained from voting in the case of Syria at a certain time and then Dan what is happening in this country at a time last he takes the position that fits with the strengthening of the sovereignty of Iraq. "

The Azzawi that "the Secretary-General of the League Nabil Arab would report to the upcoming Arab summit to be held on March 29, the current on the draft restructuring," explaining that "the Arab summit in Baghdad will be followed by the Arab Summit - Latin, to be held in September next in Peru and then followed by the Summit Extraordinary Arab in the month of October of this year. "

He said Permanent Representative of Iraq to the Arab League that "the region to be held by the Arab Summit in Baghdad and the airport area Mamntan completely and there is no need to worry or fear," noting that "all technical delegations of the Arab League, who visited Baghdad to assess the preparations for hosting the summit raised excellent reports on the subject. "

He stressed Azzawi that "the present situation is appropriate for the summit Iraq unseen for many years from the Arab scene since 1990 and until a few years ago," adding that "Iraq since 2003, tried to recover the position of Arab, regional, and there were pressures of local and international which retrieves now standing.