[jonnywg] hi....... well i rreally thought that we would have a lot of information to post tonight and we may but here is what i know

6:17 PM [jonnywg] shabibi did make an announcement that excited the IRAQI nation.......but so far i have not been able to verify te speach

6:19 PM [jonnywg] i hope bear or vic1 can access this info for you quicker than i can....as my contacts cannotget all the details

6:21 PM [jonnywg] i can tell you that the bank screens are getting a lot of activity and the new posted rate is $5.96........ up from $5,77 last friday.

6:22 PM [jonnywg] however i was told that it in the process of change.

6:22 PM [jonnywg] i have no other concret announcements