Warned of depletion of international reserves .. financial decision parliamentary question the government's ability to continue to pay employees' salaries

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Posted 19/02/2016 05:24 PM

Arbil / follow-up to the Orient:
Questioned the decision of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Haji Ahmed Rashid, on Friday, the ability of the Iraqi government to continue to pay the salaries of Employees in Iraq in general and in the province of Kurdistan in particular, noting that "the government borrows from banks lent the central bank to pay staff entitlements. Rashid said a deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance, wondering: "Can you believe that the Iraqi government salaries of its employees to provide employee salaries Kurdistan region, which numbered 1.4 million?". He added, "There is a question how else .. Abadi will be able to secure a salary of up to 860 billion dinars, while imports of oil exports in the Kurdistan region of 550 billion dinars?". Rashid was attached to his statement a set of documents to the Iraqi economy and said, "Let's see how the Iraqi government to secure the employees' salaries for a second month, according to the letter issued by the Ministry of Finance to the Office of the Prime Minister No. (2203) 02.03.2016" and shows the following:
Total current budget: 3 trillion and 1 billion and 558 million dinars
Total investment budget: 157 billion and 581 million dinars
Total current and investment budget: 3 trillion and 159 billion and 138 million dinars
How is access to these funds.
Total oil revenues for the month amounted to 1 trillion and 939 billion and 372 million dinars.
Total sale of bonds: 2 trillion and 200 billion, the bonds that were sold to banks that is, they are considered a loan.
Total non-oil revenue: 60 billion and 220 627 193 dinars
Total revenue CSS Bank: 62 billion and 401 875 318 dinars
Total revenues: 4 trillion and 271 billion and 994 dinars.
He said the decision of the Finance Committee, "If we have noticed will disclose that the Iraqi government had borrowed half of its revenues, but indirectly, it has the central bank to give a loan to other banks, and the government has to borrow money from the banks, because the central bank has decided to give loans to banks, and the equivalent of 7 trillion dinars so that the government can borrow from these banks and this is one of the tricks used in the present time. " He Rosetta "You see how long will the Iraqi government borrowing from the reserve, would one day also ends this reserve, and how the government will be able to provide salaries of up to 860 billion dinars, at the time of imports of oil exports in the Kurdistan region of 550 carefully dinars ?, Iraq now can not believe his employees' salaries, according to oil imports, which is sold out. " He explained, "shows us that all Abadi's remarks are not honest and is only to provoke the presidency in the Kurdistan region and put pressure on the government of the region, but the region does not understand it," he said. On.