Hammoudi: real reform has to be to see one strategy agreed upon by the three authorities
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Hammoudi: real reform has to be to see one strategy agreed upon by the three authorities
[Where - Baghdad]
He said the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi "The real process of reform of the state must be one vision and a common, integrated and agreed strategy of all executive, legislative and judicial authorities."
Said Hamoudi said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "The country is going through a critical juncture and sensitive calls for a consistent and dedicated team works in accordance with the agreed strategy and cooperation and solidarity between the three authorities, to realize the seriousness of the renaissance of the political process as a whole."
He added that "the problem of the current phase through which Iraq does not solve it efficiently or only fair, especially since labor laws and state contexts according to the former regime are still present, as well as what has oppressed us because of the presence of the occupation and the negatives that followed this period."
The Hammoudi said "in dire need today is a collaboration between everyone and work in a spirit of national shoulder to shoulder and courageous, honest and bold and far from the" I "of the individual and the party," and the trend towards ridding the people of the crisis on the ground and seriously implement the overall desired reforms, noting "the need not to this joint team thinks the election results as much as they care about saving and reform the country and overcome crises. "
The three presidencies, a meeting was held on Thursday, February 18 at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, was at the meeting according to the statement "a thorough discussion of the subject of the reshuffle is required, and the positions of parliamentary blocs on it, with an emphasis on the importance of reform.