Khatib Juma Abadi Baghdad calls for the adoption of the four criteria for reform with the frankness of the people

2016-02-19 19:40:45 | (Voice of Iraq) -

Baghdad Friday sermon calling for the adoption Abadi four criteria for reform with the frankness of the people

He made a preacher and to Fri Baghdad, Sheikh Adil al-Saadi in his Friday sermon, four essential for the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for adoption in the reform process of the alleged application on the ground, namely the adoption of integrity, efficiency and establish a board of independent public inspection and the enactment of laws for the punishment of senior officials and the adoption of a broker Jamon him everyone , stressing the adoption of honesty in the reform process and be honest with the people, stressing that the reform process that requires mutual concessions fair and done through frank dialogue, referring to Ebadi that people of advice, opinion and advice to take people backing him and listen to hear their views, a religious authority.

Said Sheikh Adel al-Saadi from the rostrum of Al-Rahman Mosque in the al-Mansur in Baghdad, said that "any reform movement did not derive their origins from the Tawhid and sharia is not only throwing dust in the eyes, not only one of the rest of those mundane political movements if they were at the hands of Islamists."

He added that "the legitimacy of all the work, particularly political reform and governance must be of a religious perspectives Islamic affect the afterlife on the world and offers the public interest on the selfish and partisan and special interests and individual gains are sought so he is of those who responded to the call reference and who was on the other it does not differ from Mottagmese religion for the world and the authority does not differ about who wronged Zahra and prevented her right Gsaboa and heritage. "

He said al-Saadi "is still the nation live obsessed with the reform of its affairs and hoped to get out of this mess protracted and omnivore with age years siege, we would have spent from our ages twenty-six years, half in the war and the siege of the other half in the chaos and terror and destruction, until it reached us immediately to what we got him despite the large number of calls and warnings launched by the rational reference to politicians to heed to what they are it of irresponsibility and lack of feeling Penkair actions which would lead to grievances ominous sugar Authority and took them and blinded by love of the acquisition of public money, and ended this people things to a few of their salaries and increasing taxes and raising service fees " .

Among al-Saadi said "the basis of real reform is to return to God and the departure of his law and what pleases him, and the adoption of honesty in the process of reform because the truth of goodness key and the farmer and the second steps choosing ministers though evil and Zraik Who was the evil before thee a minister and shirk the sins not There will be among you lining they are agents unjust and brothers of darkness, and you and I find them good back who has such views and their access is not it like Asaarham and their burdens and sins of those who have not assisted oppressive darkness nor sinner to sin those lighter you hoard the best that you aid and recline you kinder and less to others thousand who took those special Khaluatc and Hflatk then let them down BMR tell them you have a right for you and least help you be in which God hated for his heirs, and the reality that the breeze where he signed. "

He said al-Saadi "multiplied today calls for reform, which everyone waited Although many fear that the exclusive world power or targeted by others, which calls for everyone to come together and think hard to give up the spirit of selfishness and employment equity and preserve the rights of all."

He called al-Saadi of his hand the reins of power he has to "the people of advice, opinion and advice to take people backing him and to listen to listen to their opinions and what they can offer in the process of reform, there are those who are still the subject of trust and the people of advice, opinion and have their point of view in nature and how they Iqtadhanha successful reform."

Saadi revealed that "the reform process required by the state of the country is not a formality does not boil down to cut expenses but is one of the process of reform measures, but we need a fundamental and radical reforms and unless we address the past mistakes of our situation will not change anything."

He said al-Saadi said "the reform process requires mutual concessions fair and done through frank dialogue based on a common foundation maintains Iraq's territorial integrity and the Constitution and the adoption of the elections as a mechanism to gain power in order not to go back to the periods of oppression and injustice, oppression and slavery, provided that the Constitution is to keep al-Faisal in the political dispute between the parties." .

He stressed Saadi said "the most important requirements of fundamental reform are four things essential that we see should be adopted in the reform process of the alleged application on the ground, and the first of the adoption of integrity and efficiency in the selection of ministers and officials of all the joints of the civilian and military organs of the State, that the suffering of the country is not political participation Many of the countries of the developed countries adopted but the problem we have is the lack of integrity and competence, even in the cut and run any candidate whatever the religious and political orientations of the country inevitably will reap the fruits of this choice. "

"The most important disease government suffers today is the rampant corruption in all aspects of the state, which Oadzha for providing a prestigious social service deserves the people can not change the fact if there was not a regulatory actors To achieve these actors control must be the establishment of an independent body to public inspection have a president of the associated inspectors Public officials in the ministries and appoints the approval of parliament. "

He continued, "The third thing is the legislation of laws, including deterrent punishments to senior officials who employ leverage the power and resources of the state to gain factional illegal sanctions include the denial of political work for certain periods or for life, according to the nature of the offense committed."

He concluded Saadi sermon fourth thing which is "the need to adopt a broker Jamon him everyone and ensures no inclination to one party or another and be a third force in society is tribal and clan dimension in Iraq, so it is essential to the formation of the wise and the Senate, which facilitates the convergence of views and softens Glua conflict."