The government insists on the application of tariff and prepare their implementation in territory.


Make sure the basra governorate council, the determination of the federal government on the application of the law of Tariff Lkmr America new in conservative outlets, as well as the ports of the south and the codes of the middle east, and in the time in which it invited government officials of basra for the purpose of the implementation of the tariff and non-objection on this It happened earlier, you promised to apply in the Kurdistan region and is not limited only to the south outlets.
And he said the chairman of the provincial council morning me from Baghdad to meet juma, office-Abadi and some advisers on the margins of the coordination meeting of the transfer of competence, to the continued application of basra to identify a depends on the application of the territory God where the government promised according to the roof of the short time frame, Japan Begin the territory in the implementation of the tariff that after I gave the approval of the government in its commitment to its application as well as oil delivered fully.
He added the amazon he gave evidence to the office of the prime minister that the entry of new vehicles to the territory without to know and be renumbered and sell them for the provinces of the south and specifically to basra and this makes it from car dealers Suppliers to her through outlets basra who make the region a safe and smooth entry of goods.