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Thread: Quick Dinar question please for kblp , or anyone.

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    Re: Quick Dinar question please for kblp , or anyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by BaronVonDinar View Post

    And secondly on the show I got very excited hearing that the CBI were exchanging their gold to buy back Dinar , and the argument was why trade your most valuable of valuables for a worthless currency that you are intending to scrap? and again I can so see the point , but am I missing something LOPsters?

    So why did this FANTASTIC little cherry of guru fiction ever die? If it had been true in the way the gurus portrayed it you'd think there wouldn't be any dinar left in Iraq outside the walls of the CBI by now. Is it possible the gurus decided to quietly drop it once they realized they'd stepped over the legal line by declaring that the sale of commemorative gold coins was a dinar buyback program? It'll be interesting to see how they spin this.

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    Re: Quick Dinar question please for kblp , or anyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kblp View Post
    Well Tbob how about it? Contributors, newshounds, gurus?...anybody? Do any of you know anyone who made a profit by being a dinar currency holder during the past 6 months? Are any of you willing to admit you were wrong? We already know the answer don't we? As long as you continue to make money from advertisers you'll continue with the deceptive charade.
    Well it's been two and a half years since this challenge was posted. So how about now Tbob, gurus, newshounds, pro iraqi dinarians, and dare I say BGG the main pro iraqi dinar investment man himself?
    Can ANY of you provide even one shred of solid proof of anyone ever making money as a direct result of being an iraqi dinar investor?
    Now before you start spinning your professional slant machines....the question is specifically asking about making a profit on investment in the currency. It is NOT about profiting from the sale of currency by currency dealers. That means you BGG. So no, you can't use that angle to deceptively make your case. But by all means make that attempt if you wish. Exposing that horse excrement for the ridiculous butterflies, rainbows and unicorns nonsense it is will be a load of fun and provide a great service toward helping the unsuspecting to see this myth for what it actually is.
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    Re: Quick Dinar question please for kblp , or anyone.

    Hiya kblp,I sold off my dinar last year by the way, i lost about 6k after all was said and done, i made it back with cryptocurrency though with some profit on top so all is good again. It was the biggest mistake i ever made getting into the dinar. Thanks for your input.

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    Re: Quick Dinar question please for kblp , or anyone.

    Hi Baron. I'd wondered what became of you and how you were making out. Congratulations on the crypto win. I'm glad it worked out for you. I have to say I have a ton of respect for you for having been open to discovery on the dinar charade. You did something not many others would by accepting facts on their face rather than blindly pushing forward on what you later discovered to be a loser. It's always better to follow facts rather than fairytales just to save face.
    And look how doing so paid off for you. I for one am happy for you and again commend you on your courage to do what you believed was right. It took guts and effort and you made it pay off. Way to go Baron 👍

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    Re: Quick Dinar question please for kblp , or anyone.

    I still pop in here once in a while to try to offer something of value to those with doubts and looking for truth. I doubt it does much good to be honest. Or maybe it has. Who knows. I know it's helped a few and I'm grateful I was able to be of some small help on the few rare occasions.

    Hardly anyone ever posts here anymore as you can also see.
    Bgg does his best to keep his flock quiet on this site where they might get some actual honesty. It isn't good for his bottom line if they're able to interact with outsiders who aren't pushing the dinar scam. And he full well knows it's a scam no matter how much he preaches otherwise with his antics of twisted cherry picked factoids which he renders into pure b.s. to promote the con.

    So yeah, I like to poke him on occasion for pushing the false narrative. Especially since he does it purely for personal gain and couldn't care less who he's conning as long as he's getting his cha-ching from his sheep.

    Anyway, great to hear from you Baron and again thrilled to learn you turned it around and made out good. Good things happen to those who use their brain and actually make the effort to get out of the hole they're in. Congrats again and keep up the good work! Oh and maybe return the favor by helping someone else in need of some truth or guidance on the dinar scam. Get some help when you need it and give some back when you can. That's good juju.
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    Re: Quick Dinar question please for kblp , or anyone.

    Ah thank you so much kblp for your comments. By the way I sold my dinar to BGG , ebay would only give me access to my home market (Ireland) and there are no Dinarians here in Ireland so I had no other choice but to sell it to BGG. And as I said I lost about 6k on the deal , I had 20,000,000 and I paid around 900 euro per million (give or take) so I paid like 18k for my dinar and BGG would only give me around 12k for my 20,000,000 IQD. Oh and also he said if I filled in his paper work and posted it off that he would give me 2 litecoin, litecoin is a cryptocurrency by the way,so i done his paper work but he never paid me my litecoin , very unprofessional and not cool . But hey at least I got something for my dinar and I am out of the situation. Thank you so much for opening my eyes I am one of the lucky ones.

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    Re: Quick Dinar question please for kblp , or anyone.

    I see it as performing my civic duty but I'm honored that it was helpful to you.

    BGG didn't follow through on his end of the deal? I can't say I'm surprised by that. If you google his actual name and his pseudo name that he uses here you'll see where several people have posted elsewhere some very detailed accounts of how he failed to follow through on his end of other business dealings unrelated to the dinar world. Some very interesting things indeed.

    One sketchy con job after another and it appears that once each ploy runs it's course he reinvents himself as a new type of superhero in a new sketchy venture of some sort.
    Of course this stuff comes from the internet and people post all kinds of crap on the internet so who knows how much is completely accurate. Some people really went out of their way to put the word out about him though so I suspect there's enough truth to it to be very cautious when letting this gentleman get between you and your money.

    Here's the thing though while even putting all of that stuff aside. BGG is a very smart guy. That much is obvious in how he words things and handles himself. He manipulates relatively simple stuff into all of this highly technical and detailed half truth mumbo jumbo by eliminating facts here and adding embellishments there...one deceptive twist after another, on and on and on, until he has most people so buried in b.s. disinformation that they can no longer think straight. Then when he knows their eyes are rolling because they're completely overwhelmed...BOOM!...he caps it off with a very short and simple statement conveying the false narrative he spent all that time building. The sheep fall for it hook line and sinker because they don't have the mental capacity to keep up with him through all of his convoluted twists and turns to realize he's pulling the wool over their eyes. It all reeks to high heavens of a con job. It's classic fast talking but in his case it's incessant over-talking. Bernie Madoff and Enron style scheming "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" type garbage which is typical of most all cons. Every bit of it stinks to high heavens. The point I started to make with this is, he's way too smart to believe any of the crap sandwich he's selling. You can't be smart and at the same time believe the trash he talks for very long. The saddest part is he's preying upon those who are in most need of real help, financial and otherwise. He gains their trust with his maneuvers, and then maneuvers them right out of their money.

    Years ago he told me some total made up crap through private messaging on here about "the dinar investment" that was so obviously complete b.s. He stopped communicating with me the instant I called him out on it. I've dealt with many cons over the years and I spotted him for one very quickly so I used his own tactics against him to set him up in such a way as to back him into a corner on his false statements in which he couldn't wriggle himself out of. He became very agitated and pouty like a kid who's been caught red handed in a lie because in fact he had been and he full well knew it. He despised the fact he'd been caught and that his con failed.

    Right then I knew EXACTLY who and what this gentleman was and I've made it very clear to him and anyone who reads this stuff. The fact is he's afraid of the truth and likely incapable of even telling the complete truth about anything after all of the crap he's spun. Being incapable of the truth is another classic trait of a typical con. They tell so many lies they can't remember them all which facilitates the need for the next even bigger lie, and the next, and so on.

    But look, he still has all of these people who still follow him and believe his every word and he gets new followers all the time to replace the ones who figure him out so he likely feels he's finally found his perfect scheme with this dinar thing. Funny thing about perfect schemes is they have a way of crashing down upon ones head eventually lol and I tell you this gentleman has one heck of a very large and very ticked off tiger by the tail this time and he knows it. Sadly though, when it all comes crashing down, and it always eventually does...none of the ones he's conned will receive any restitution. It'll just be "Oh, sorry about your luck" for them.

    Anyway,...again very glad you came out alright on this deal and it's always a pleasure talking with you. I commend you for having the courage to tell your story here in his house. That's an example of giving back and maybe it will help someone else. Good job Baron.
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