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Thread: Quick Dinar question please for kblp , or anyone.

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    Re: Quick Dinar question please for kblp , or anyone.

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    And secondly on the show I got very excited hearing that the CBI were exchanging their gold to buy back Dinar , and the argument was why trade your most valuable of valuables for a worthless currency that you are intending to scrap? and again I can so see the point , but am I missing something LOPsters?

    So why did this FANTASTIC little cherry of guru fiction ever die? If it had been true in the way the gurus portrayed it you'd think there wouldn't be any dinar left in Iraq outside the walls of the CBI by now. Is it possible the gurus decided to quietly drop it once they realized they'd stepped over the legal line by declaring that the sale of commemorative gold coins was a dinar buyback program? It'll be interesting to see how they spin this.

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    Re: Quick Dinar question please for kblp , or anyone.

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    Well Tbob how about it? Contributors, newshounds, gurus?...anybody? Do any of you know anyone who made a profit by being a dinar currency holder during the past 6 months? Are any of you willing to admit you were wrong? We already know the answer don't we? As long as you continue to make money from advertisers you'll continue with the deceptive charade.
    Well it's been two and a half years since this challenge was posted. So how about now Tbob, gurus, newshounds, pro iraqi dinarians, and dare I say BGG the main pro iraqi dinar investment man himself?
    Can ANY of you provide even one shred of solid proof of anyone ever making money as a direct result of being an iraqi dinar investor?
    Now before you start spinning your professional slant machines....the question is specifically asking about making a profit on investment in the currency. It is NOT about profiting from the sale of currency by currency dealers. That means you BGG. So no, you can't use that angle to deceptively make your case. But by all means make that attempt if you wish. Exposing that horse excrement for the ridiculous butterflies, rainbows and unicorns nonsense it is will be a load of fun and provide a great service toward helping the unsuspecting to see this myth for what it actually is.
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