Iraq: State of the summit only!!

On: Wednesday 14/03/2012 10:36

 political analysis / Majid flood
, although the Arab summit in Baghdad is due to Iraq, which went through a period of delays that overlapped the internal and external factors, and perhaps the external influences was the factor most power to stall the session, and with the approaching imminent holding of this event, which took a new dimension as it is considered part of the government has a major achievement, the capital became a military barracks'

Perhaps the observer indicates clearly that the government became the first priorities of the Arab summit and not something else, on Monday, occurred a massacre in Baghdad, killed dozens of citizens, and the process is quality, as it penetrated the gang residential neighborhood in the heart of Baghdad and devastated by the killing and destruction and looting under the eyes and heard the military forces which did not succeed in killing one or the arrest, to be the next day not to hold negligent or take security measures real about this scene bloody capital was on a multitude of actions and statements do not belong to the victims on Monday as it stepped up all efforts for the summit, as was the news about the provision of 100 thousand security element will be deployed in Baghdad to secure the requirements of the summit, and that there are more than five teams, in addition to bringing in additional troops from various parts of Iraq to strengthen the security situation, on the other Director General of Civil Aviation Authority that the Baghdad International Airport will close with effect from 26 of the month the ongoing preparation for receiving official delegations participating in the Baghdad summit scheduled for March 29, said Captain Nasser Hussain Bandar told AFP: "We decided to close the Baghdad International Airport to all commercial flights of 26 from this month until the end of the summit in 30 of the same month."
and added that "The airport will be equipped only to receive the official delegations from the reception of foreign ministers on 26." Has not left the country little or nothing, but were recruited for this summit, which counted more than an observer it would not be only the tip of a legal, will be the decisions of the predecessors of the vertices, at the external level proved the facts that Iraq looked as if the summit will be a lifeline for all its problems outstanding, and the same time, the reactions against the crew of the government wants to prove that the summit achievement can be counted to him has met with widespread criticism and intense, it was considered the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on 11 this month, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki finds in the Arab summit a victory as his personal , stressing that it is no point in the session, but the appearance of deception. In a development that happened last night as it announced the Council of Ministers for approval to pay an advance especially for the requirements of the Arab summit worth 100 billion dinars.
said in a statement issued by the Council of Ministers, according to the agency Sumerian News, said the Council decided during its regular eleven held today, "to approve the financing of the Conference Arab Summit in Baghdad and his predecessor, paid by the Ministry of Finance of $ (100) billion dinars. "
The Iraqi government announced in 2010, on the work of rehabilitation of hotels, guest houses and presidential palaces in Baghdad to host the Arab summit, which confirmed the allocation of $ 350 million for this purpose, as allocated $ 200 billion Iraqi dinars for the rehabilitation of the Baghdad airport road and street maintenance and rehabilitation of sewage systems and some tourist sites in the capital. It is clear that the security and comfort comes in the Arab government's priority, while the people he may the Lord protect him. Certainly it is the height (the state), which has neglected everything for the benefit of the summit is to bet it, like playing roulette paper.