The smell of corruption in the Ministry of Health attract nose Parliamentary Integrity

Dated: 02/17/2016 Wednesday 7:24

Iraq today / special
It seems that the smell of corruption in the Ministry of Health files, Ozkmt Parliamentary nose, especially the nose of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, and pushed a member of the mass of virtue-Akeel al-Zubaidi, because openly declares: "The Committee began to check the files of corruption in the Ministry of Health,"
Indeed, the Attorney-Zubaidi was not embarrassed recognition of "the health of the international auditor's reports on corruption figures in the Ministry of Health, according to what indicated by Hani punitive - Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Health," and then we hit the deputy in an upcoming speech, for example, who was interrogated by ministry officials "the Committee addressed several questions to the director Kimadia (affiliated to the Ministry of Health), on suspicions of corruption to hit the company, as well as formatted files with other institutions in the Ministry of Health," and whether this wave of the parliamentary integrity, would only shoreline of the Ministry of Health or No, we read in the conclusion: "the integrity Commission continues to open the files of corruption in the ministries and bodies in the Iraqi government, through cooperation with the integrity Commission, and provide them with information that up to the committee directly, or via e-mail."