Banknotes printed cost Iraq about $ 450 million

AM: 09: 40: 16/02/2016 Khandan

Khandan - A senior official at the Central Bank, to afford the public treasury of the Iraqi state since 2003, and so far, about $ 450 million US peer banknotes printed and counted, sorted and stored and then destroyed what hit them revealed.

The director of the release of the central bank Ahsan Yasiri, said that "the trading source of funds came to 45 trillion dinars mid-2015, and reduced these amounts measures from the central bank for up to 38 trillion dinars end of last year", they returned it, "strange, after it was in 2003, a trading source 3 trillion, meaning it has doubled 15 times, because we did not use alternative tools. "

He told the newspaper "morning" that "amounts exporting trading, numbering banknotes about 4.7 billion paper, leaves and this if we want to move them from one place to another bank needs to 1,500 trucks per load with a capacity of 25 tonnes."

He continued: If I want to store it, that needs more than 15 dunums, calling for the need to switch to digital transactions rolling the fact that this figure "terrifying," he described.

The official bank, he explained that the central bank carry during the period from 2003 until now more than 377 million dollars to print the papers Alnkadih.vdila all carry up to 120 billion dinars for the operations of counting and sorting, storing and destroying the papers and sent to the landfill because of the harm caused to human health, where the damaged bank during the same period more than 1.8 billion banknotes printed at a cost of more than $ 72 million.

Despite his assertion that counterfeiting in Iraq is still in its lowest and easily detected by grocers or traders not to mention the banking system, but the Yasiri warned that fraud "will remain prevalent as long as there is a tremendous amount of banknotes in circulation."

The official called the bank, to the use of the payments system in the reduction of armed robbery and robbery crimes, in addition to the reduction of the crimes that you get as a result of this case by the citizens deal with the tax that ask them to bring a certified check worth amounts circles exposing them to criminal operations on their way to banks.