A coalition of al-Hakim and the Sadrists disagree on the replacement Abadi

By Mohammed Emad

16/02/2016 11:10

And brother-Baghdad
Counting the Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim, on Tuesday, the cabinet reshuffle should include everyone, including Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to be new cab away from the pressures and "quotas," said sadrist support go for "real reform" with current Prime Minister choose "qualified" "keep it in the post and aligned to any party.

Says leading Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim Furat Al-Tamimi, States that "the Ministerial change should include everyone, including Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, if coming to independent technocrats," returned "to guarantee freedom of the new Government moved away from political parties and quota pressures."

Tamimi adds, that "Ministers calendar should be subject to the technical standards of fair and Justice who performed some files at the level of the fight against corruption," adding that "the Islamic Supreme Council adopted since the beginning of reforms."

Tamimi, explains that "everyone attached to failure and deterioration of services and large-scale corruption in the State over the quotas," he said, adding that "talking about come with technocrats and independents must cover everyone, including Prime Minister, belongs to the political and partisan background."

But the other parties in the national coalition, disagree with the Islamic Supreme Council in vision, including altbar, who showed "no objection on the survival of Al-Abbadi for not to demolish the political process", according to Vice Chairman of political power, Jaafar Al-mousawi.

Al-Moussawi says, "the leader of the sadrist movement of Moqtada Sadr, launched an integrated project for reform, involving various aspects of political, economic, security, and with regard to the current circumstance and the suffering of the Iraqi people."

Leading underscores, "project supports the orientation of real reform," Al-Ibadi, pointing out that "Sadr Abadi empowers the selection of competent and sees if the Ministers, not the tendency of political party, party authority, the issue then is not reform but toying with things," he said.

The leader of the sadrist movement of Moqtada Sadr, launched, (February 13), a project of reform includes four files, while called to form a Government of technocrats "away from partisanship and power party" headed by the current Prime Minister, Haidar Al-Abadi, a political group "featuring politically independent and national judges known for impartiality, stressed the need to nominate names heads of independent bodies and leaders of the military contingents and the Army Chief of staff approved in the lower House, threatened to" censure "of the Government Al-Abbadi failure to implement the project during 45 Days.

He was President of the Government Council, Haider Al-Abadi, has revealed, (11 February 2016), it is still awaiting a response from the political blocs on the reshuffle proposed by.

Recall that Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, invited in (February 9, 2016), to conduct the reshuffle "and" out of national responsibility, while revealing the finished plan of ltrshik ministries, the Government "succeeded in crossing the toughest stages" during the period.