Economy: not random in launch loans

Economy Since 2016-05-16 at 11:40 (GMT)

The balance of news
The Commission on economy and investment representative, said Tuesday that the release of loans to private sector support will be random and organized.

Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi directed the launch of private sector support loan 5 trillion dinars over the coming days.

Committee Member said Najib Najib/balance of news, that "these loans have been adopted by the Central Bank worth 5 trillion with interest, and banks have completed their procedures through the electronic form and specify the conditions for persons brought to them".

Najib said, "the Central Bank law allows granting loans of cash reserve to support industrial and agricultural projects and real estate, and direct since 2015 but the process launched parked on completing the form and some action that would guarantee the recovery of such funds borrowers, and also to achieve the desired objective is to support the private sector."

She noted that "there is a mechanism for different size projects, and not calling the loans without the knowledge of the concerned, there is also a partnership between the State and foreign expertise, whether represented by persons or companies, each of which bear on the financing of the project.

She said that "these loans don't pay indiscriminately, but the existence of follow-up by stakeholders, to ensure a replay.

Referred to as the Central Bank, announced last August, the launch of an initiative to support the agricultural and industrial sector, banks and the real estate and Housing Fund loans amounted to five trillion dinars.

From: OLA msaul