Kuwaiti newspapers: Maliki's visit to Kuwait today articulated in the relations between the two countries

Wednesday, March 14 / March 2012 00:15

[Baghdad - where]

Kuwait expressed newspapers published on Wednesday great interest the visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of Kuwait on Wednesday.
She noted the newspapers that were distributed after midnight that the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden held a telephone conversation Monday with both the Emir of Kuwait, and Iraqi Prime Minister, but the newspapers did not mention whether Almkalmtan are linked to the visit.
The newspaper Al Qabas diplomatic sources, a high level that the expected visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the country's visit is seen as pivotal in the bilateral relations between the two countries, as it addresses all outstanding issues between the two countries and on her head: Port of Mubarak and the common fields and Iraq's debt, aviation, and maintenance of border markers and conventions Navy.
The sources with respect to the port of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Kuwait to the Iraqi side will confirm its official position that has already been announced in the last month of Ramadan to give priority to create a belief that the port is not harmful to the traffic on the Iraqi side.
The sources pointed out that the issue of common fields will be addressed for the organization of a mechanism to work better, and that Kuwait will be the Iraqi side to abide by the maintenance of border markers.
The sources said that among the files that will be discussed with the Iraqi side, activating the agreements and memorandums of understanding between the navies of the Ministry of Defense and Coast Guard, so that it is to organize the mechanism of fishing and to avoid entering into the territorial waters of the two countries, will also be developing a mechanism to contain the smuggling of drugs.

With regard to debt, sources confirmed that the two sides will discuss a mechanism by which to schedule the debt in the form of investments and with respect to compensation, sources pointed out that the file is not a basis of discussion because it is subject to United Nations resolutions and can not be processed.
Asked if there were agreements between the two countries, on the operationalization of investments, the sources said «we have many agreements and require activation, including investment and trade agreements in the consular area».