Details of the cabinet reshuffle. Rotate merge and shedding covers 90% of the bags and the node when Jaafari

Baghdad-Iraq-February 15: a source close to the Prime Minister, tonight, on the details of the reshuffle announced by Haydar Al-Abadi. He said party leader, that the "Government of technocrats to be formed by Abbadi is composed of 18 ministries, including the Ministry of transport integration with communications, agriculture, water resources, and the Ministry of youth and sport conversion and migration to autonomous bodies."

She speculated the Prime block includes the reshuffle, 90% of the current line-up, but stressed that the political blocs are awaiting the arrival of an official request for consideration form.

And on ministerial faces expected change, says leadership in mass Abadi "will change the Ministers of Defense, Interior, higher education, housing and construction," he said, adding that "both from Hussein Al-Shahristani, and Adel Abdul Mahdi, wehoshiar Zebari, and Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, will be transferred to the ministries within the Government's new" cab.

The leading draws in Dawa there opinion within the National Alliance calls for granting Ibrahim Jaafari headed the National Alliance against the legacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, despite his rejection of such mftrh earlier.

Leadership draws, who informed the meeting of the National Alliance, backstage Saturday night, "Abadi put his paper in the National Alliance meeting held recently in order to persuade them to new project", stating that "like a lot of the problems and differences between blocks of the Alliance on the one hand and on the other hand, Al-Abbadi on changing the number of Ministers".

There was a detailed presentation of a paper on the new Prime Minister, as well as the reforms announced by Sadr. Citizen's Coalition, was raised during the meeting, the term legitimate judge replaces all cab Ministers including Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, relying on "the political majority in the formation of the new Government."

Opinion leader in the Dawa party, the "wise block project aims to not pass new reforms within National Alliance Al-Abbadi, upheavals to" try to block citizens maintain their Ministers who will change them. "

He noted that "the National Alliance leaders will complete their meetings during the next few hours to resolve request Abadi".

He added that "the meeting of the National Alliance, raised problems and reservations among the National Alliance bloc and Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, expected" not to pass these reforms if these differences as it is inside the Alliance. "

In the meantime, the Liberal bloc confirmed the presence of the parties within the National Alliance reservation to draft new, but Abbadi expressed support for granting the right to choose his ministers Abadi on professional and objective criteria.

Says mp Abdul Aziz alzalmy, "meeting the National Alliance also addressed the subject of religious reference for the comment the political speeches and discussed solutions to the Iraq crises as challenges to security, political and economic."

Alzalmy stresses the "need for Abadi reforms put forward by Sadr which recorded 45 days to apply. In turn, citizens Coalition says "Abbadi adoption mechanism to assess all Ministers before any prospective change of Government".

The Attorney said Habib, Terminal change ministries convulsive reactions is incorrect in building government technocrats. " And copes with tumbling leaks details talked about coverage of 11 ministers in the forthcoming change, notably: Education Minister Hussein Al-Shahristani, and Mohamed, Minister of Interior Yu Baquer Al-Zubaidi, Minister of transport, and Minister of water resources and Agriculture Minister bird optimizer Faleh Hassan Zaidan Al-fahdawi denominator added electricity Minister, Mohamed Al-daradji, Minister of industry, together with Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari.

Which pay higher education Minister Hussein Al-Shahristani, a resigned from his position at the disposal of Prime Minister Haider Abadi last Thursday.

This change is, if happened, the largest since the launch of PM discusses Government Abbadi last August which targeted small and unimpressive ministries, with the exception of cancellation of Deputy Prime Ministers and the finished (1)