National Congress: the agenda of the upcoming meeting in record time

On: Wednesday 14/03/2012 10:35
Baghdad / term

Announced that the Preparatory Committee for the National Conference, yesterday, the formation of a small committee to develop the conference agenda in record time, stressing that the Committee will be held today to announce a meeting agenda items, as pointed out that President Jalal Talabani is the schedule the conference. A member of the Committee Bahaa al-Araji said in a statement issued yesterday, and received a "long" version of it, that "The Preparatory Committee agreed to meet with the national meeting held,

On Monday, to form a small committee to set the agenda of the meeting in record time, "asserting that" the mini-committee will be held on Wednesday a meeting of the Declaration of vocabulary structure the agenda to be in front of the agenda approved by the Preparatory Committee. "Araji said that" The Preparatory Committee discussed the draft agenda agreed upon, "adding that" there is another paper submitted by the coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan has not been agreed upon which is in substance no different from the previous sheet, but they are new and this requires changing the structure of the table. "

The al-Araji, that "the meeting and put the structure of the agenda to be building the formal to the table," adding that "the conferees agreed not to escalate the media and give confidence to the public and solve problems through the constitutional institutions." He al-Araji, head of the Liberal bloc in the House of Representatives that "the table to be increased to the President of the Republic as the official sponsor of the national meeting which set a limit of time. " He was Vice President of the Republic Khudair Khuzaie announced, yesterday that the Preparatory Committee for the meeting the national meeting was held at his home in the presence of members of the National Alliance and the Kurdistan and the Iraqi List, stressing that it was agreed that the general structure of the agenda of the National Congress and the formation of a committee to prepare the agenda within the structural agreed.

Announced, the Preparatory Committee (February 20, 2012), completed a paper for the National Congress is expected that called him President Jalal Talabani. The Preparatory Committee held several meetings during the last February, where it met in (19 February 2012) in the presence of representatives of the Iraqi List and the coalitions national and Kurdistan, also held in the (15 February 2012), held a meeting at Parliament House under the chairmanship of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, while The leader of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, said the meeting discussed all the papers presented by the masses.

It also announced the Preparatory Committee of the National Conference at the meeting, in (6 February 2012), to agree not to politicize the judiciary and the representation of all components of Iraqi society fully in the political process, as called for by President Jalal Talabani, the Commission developed a road map to continue the political process in framework of the Constitution and agreements Erbil.