Economists stressed the need to implement the laws on the principle of disclosure and transparency of financial rule in Iraq, and mobilizing and channelling funds to need resources scientifically and systematically.
It also urged citizens to save money in banking institutions, governmental or private, invested in the right format, at the same time calling on the authorities to create proper credit.
Financial expert Dr. Majid mock noted that the fundamental problem lies in the lack of an integrated statistical financial rule in Iraq, especially that Iraq imports other than oil are not clear profiles so far.
Mock stressed the need to follow the principle of disclosure and transparency about the amounts in different directions, and the disclosure of cash flow and funds within the country or spent, according to the available to specialists.
Mock stressed the importance of the tasks at hand and how to address them, according to its Government programme which point seriously applied to the ground despite constraints, by channelling funds to track.
Economic adviser urged Abdul Hussain anbaki, on the need to mobilize the financial administration of funds and proper resources needed, especially now that Iraq is one of the countries is not saved compacta, stating that the process of saving move investment component In the country.
At the same time urged the importance of administrative reform through the transformation of the central system to decentralized, which decentralized financial management and ensure the existence of infrastructures for financial administration in the provinces.
While he explained that the country needed to reform financial management, taking into account the governance standards in the financial administration, stressing the importance of establishing an integrated financial institutions operate according to international standards include banking performance and payment and disbursement of funds towards transparency and disclosure.
Find specialists in regard to international standards in the management of financial resources in the country's economy hinges moves especially productive sectors, and achieve sustainable development without relying on oil revenues to supplement the annual budget, by channelling funds to the need for resources