Change demanding the withdrawal of confidence from the Kurdistan Regional Government

20:27 14/2/2016

It demanded the movement of Kurdish change, Sunday, to withdraw confidence from the government of the Kurdistan region and the return of the President of the Parliament of the region Yusuf Mohamed to the exercise of his functions, calling for the removal of the Minister of Nature wealth of oil and gas file, while stressed the need to amend the Kurdistan presidency law and election of the President of the province by the parliament.

A spokesman for the movement Shoresh Haji during a press conference that "the MDC made a project of political and economic reform in the Kurdistan region," noting that "the project includes the withdrawal of confidence from the current government of the province and then Trchigaha or organized again."

Haji said he "must return of President of the Kurdistan Parliament for the exercise of his duties" at the same time stressing the need to keep the Minister of Natural Resources and his team of oil and gas file

Haji said he "must modify the Kurdistan presidency of the law," stressing the need to "establish a parliamentary democracy in the region and is elected president of the Kurdistan through parliament."

He said Haji that "the main reason behind the Kurdistan Regional problems are rampant corruption in all joints of power as a result of the existence of a backward system controlled by" and urged "the return of funds of illegal for officials in the party and government leaders and their companies from foreign banks to finance the Kurdistan Regional Ministry