Certified Sistani launches a scathing attack against politicians

Writings Sunday, February 14, 2016

Launched Friday sermon preacher, Karbala certified top Shi'ite cleric in Iraq, a violent attack against the Iraqi politicians and accused them of stealing the people's wealth, and running behind their interests as Iraqis are fighting terrorism and give the victims and called for the diagnosis of the corrupt and recover the people's money they had stolen.

In the first talk about, but the political and lost in the country since it declared on the fifth of this month halted reference from indulging in political matters, Mr. Ahmed net Certified Reference top Shi'ite cleric in Iraq, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said in a speech today during a ceremony honoring the top students at colleges Iraqi universities established by the General Secretariat of the Abbasid threshold in the city of Karbala (110 km south of Baghdad) that the big challenges taking place in Iraq is responsible for addressing the decision of their hands and in a manner specifically politicians and all those who responded to political action. And he said 'I do not think people were forced to be politically .. but it is voluntarily saved for this work.'

He said net 'that Iraq, despite the large and the many challenges both the challenges of home and challenges abroad, which has become a real need real solutions and to bolder in the solution and need not lubricity and lack of courtesy there was blood dear - not the dearest of blood - shed this blood shed in the hope that yielded some targets people in the hope that people get something from the security, stability, construction, and sees this country is a real band safely because the reasons for the blessings that this country sees Mtakhia Mtalva Mtkacva '.

Net and he asked, 'who is responsible for where we are? Absolutely .. People do not bear more people are giving what he can and now the blood is still bleeding on the battle fronts. " He noted that there are figures if they were in an Iraq celebrated celebrants days and nights of devotion and loyalty and patriotism and love for this country, but they did not get anything .. and now there are people fighting at the age of more than seventy years and he does not have Shubra in this country, gives his blood for us'.

He explained that he was martyred in the fight against al Daash who is in
The age of 83 years and there are also boys also did not inform the dream and now left everything to fight terrorism. "

Net questioned denounced 'those for what they are fighting? Not to ask political Alnnbh astute intelligent and compares himself between him and them? '. And he replied that these sacrifices are the legacy of Iraq and ammunition, we are proud of them, they have done what they can, some of them make money, and another to make blood, and there are families gave more than Shahid did not get anything. '

He stressed saying 'These politicians if they were in his sleep should wake up if they inadvertently should pay attention if they did not know should know that our bet this generous people who gave generous giving.'

He noted that the foremost authority had talked with politicians and said to them 'Why are you trying to Tnzloa Bmchaklkm to people? Who is responsible for breaking up the unity of Iraq? Who is responsible for this sharpened tensions between the sons of the same country? '.

He added that politicians are staying lower and Aigaduha for a handful of voices and promote the principles they originally did not believe it .. but narrow interests and giving priority to private interests over the interests of the country '. He stressed saying 'that if these politicians that the country is burning in front of the eyes of some of them will never uninterested important because it's what they have to benefit from the wealth of the country.'

In conclusion supported Sistani stressed that 'the country's wealth has been stolen, and we have stated repeatedly, and must be held accountable and they must be diagnosed and returned this money, because it does not belong to them but are the property of all Iraqis. "

The net has been announced on the fifth of this month that Sistani had decided not to be a weekly political sermon every Friday, but 'by the emerging things and the requirements occasions' in reference to his frustration over the government's performance and the reforms promised by President Haydar al-Abadi.

He said during his Friday sermon from the saucer-Husseini in Karbala 'was we have been in every Friday to double in the second sermon written transcript represents the visions and the attention of the Supreme religious authority in Iraqi affairs. " He said 'But you may decide not to have it every week at the moment, but according to the emerging issues and requirements of today's events and limit ourselves to pray for our brothers the fighters in the fronts of confrontation with the terrorists'.

The Iraqi Aaatar this procedure to confirm the performance of the foil-Sistani bad politicians and anger from
The failure of the government's reform program, where he often invites them to implement reforms in the fight against corruption, but some of the political class prevents any real change.