Board of Basra: We will sign a project streams direction after 14 of the approval of Baghdad

2016-02-14 12:06:05 | (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

Office of the province of Basra vowed to sign a contract project streams integrated direction with the winning company implemented after a period of 14 days from the approval of the Cabinet it in the detection of orientation conservative the day after tomorrow to Baghdad to follow up the developments of the subject with the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers for submission to the Council.

The head of the contracts department at Diwan Jafar Jamil al-Maliki said in an interview for the program supervisor, who broadcast on Radio tow the Economic Committee of the Cabinet has sent clarifications to maintain about the mechanism of providing funds for the project remarkable that the money already earmarked for the project,

The governor said that Majed Nasraoui will leave for Baghdad on Monday to provide clarification of the Commission went on that the government of Basra will bear any legal defect could have been in the case of an assignment.

Maliki concluded that the winning company was selected to execute the project after the project announcement for the implementation of three times where the government was not convinced by the advanced companies only in the last time where the project landed on an Iraqi - a foreign company.

The Director of the contracts department in the office of the province of Basra, said that the Office of the province completed a private forwarding the draft streams, municipalities and rain integrated direction belongings to a foreign company - Arab, pointing at the same time that the assignment awaiting final central approvals, as the value of the project more than 350 billion dinars It is outside the governor's validity.

And between al-Maliki said in a statement that the Commission for study and analysis, and in (30 December 2015) recommended to refer the project streams, municipalities and rain integrated direction for the company Iraqi visual jointly and severally with Arab foreign company - the area, pointing out that the amount of referral of the project more than 350 billion Iraqi dinars, what make a recommendation referral authentication outside the powers of the governor, and the powers of the Council of Ministers.

He added that the Office of the province and in the (January 2016 10) Send all priorities and bidding companies competing with the recommendation of a referral to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, which has in turn is in the (RIA 192,016) to send those priorities to the Secretariat of the Committee on Economic Affairs in the Cabinet, adding that last initiated study, as requested in the (February 9, 2016) of the Office of Basra, some clarifications, stressing that the Court made on (February 10, 2016) to answer in detail all clarifications.

He concluded by saying that the Office of the province are expected during the next week the final opinion of the prime minister to do so.