Sadr calls Abadi to form a government of technocrats

1402 2016
Launched the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, on Saturday, a project of reforms that will ensure four files, and called for the formation of a government of technocrats headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, with the plate B »to withdraw confidence» from the government in the event of non-implementation of the project within 45 days.

Sadr said, in a televised speech: The «citizens rejoiced good when he heard the recent reforms that have received cordial support from the presence of the reference and the people of civilians and demonstrators and the Islamists and even received parliamentary and government support, even reluctantly, as happened in international support in all Eastern and Western orientations that failed to stand up against reforms have not only the support of course you can », adding that« these reforms were not only political but also include the security file deteriorating economic and file that is expected to further deteriorate due to lack of expertise and the scarcity of sincerity and frequent thefts ».

Sadr called for, in regards to the political side, B »form a team that includes the prime minister and a political independent and a moderate and a judge known for neutrality, national and academically known and employees retired from the special grades are an experienced joints state to be independent entrusted with the formation of a ministerial specialist has integrity and expertise to form a government of technocrats far partisan », on condition that« everyone without leaning includes the party of power provide the names of the chairpersons to the House of Representatives for approval and submit the names of candidates for agents and advisers, agents and members of the bodies, ambassadors and experts to a maximum of 45 days after the submission of the program and a government curriculum by the Prime Minister is applied during the year, but will be the withdrawal of confidence with him in parliament. » As for the economic side, al-Sadr has called for »restructuring of State-owned banks, and the inauguration of the governor of the central bank with experience, competence and integrity, supporting domestic product by not importing any competing product and support small and medium enterprises and the development of strict laws to auctions of foreign currency and issuing internal bonds to strengthen its financial situation bridging the shortfall in the budget and to support industrial and agricultural sector, according to a specialized program and encourage national investment through some privileges ». in the security side, called the leader of Sadr's» convert popular crowd Banazare undisciplined to wired defense and interior look a unitary to ensure their rights and benefit from the homeland them and limiting arms possession State and delivery of arms after her war against terrorism and to provide all team leaders and army chief of staff to the House of Representatives for approval on them and hold negligent, without exception, the cause of the fall of Mosul and hold negligent massacres that occurred in Spyker, Saqlawiya and the formation of committees to audit the arms importer and the quantities and price contracts and arms the end of the factory at home and keep the army for safe areas and the prevention of armed presence of non-competent authorities and the sacking of all security official of a political tendency »and on the side of the oversight, the chest stressed« activating the role of the judiciary and the work on the liquidation of the notorious and the installation of a competent judge on the presidency of the integrity and accountability, justice and the formation of a temporary committee to audit ministerial contracts and public institutions from 2003 to 2016 », were required to submit a monthly report to the House of Representatives and is broadcast live on the air to inform the public and requires competence and audit contracts worth more than 50 billion dinars and older and contracts that without it».

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