Kubler: We are working to remove Iraq from Chapter VII, there are signs of problems to solve with Kuwait


Karbala - the gesture
The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Martin Kobler said the United Nations is working to remove Iraq from Chapter VII reference not to resolve the matter to the lack of trust between Iraq and Kuwait and called for resolving differences through dialogue, but he confirmed the existence of signs to resolve all outstanding issues between the two countries.

Kubler said during a press conference held in the building of the city of Karbala and attended «morning» The United Nations is working to help Iraq by more than 20 organizations of the United Nations. He pointed out that his visits to the provinces, including the first visit to Karbala is to have access to all parts of Iraq and promote joint action and cooperation with local governments.

He stressed that the United Nations is working hard with all the political blocs to the application of Article 140 of the constitution and related things must be a constitution which is al-Faisal, including the referendum and the normalization and the United Nations provides advice to the political blocs.

He explained that the UN's role is focused at present on the border between the provinces of Mosul and Kirkuk, which is experiencing political stalemate look forward to resolve the future after we collect all the views to solve the problem. The representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations that is important in relation to the nature of the relationship with Kuwait is what leads to remove Iraq from Chapter VII.

He explained that the problem has historic proportions between the two countries and we are talking with both sides to reach a solution out of Iraq from this item .. saying that he went to Kuwait and talked with the Iraqis will go to see on the border between the two sides and there are signs to resolve the crisis, especially with regard to the limits and compensation and missing.

Stressing that this depends on trust and that I have the impression that Iraq is moving in the right direction and it has to be cooperation between the two sides with the help of the United Nations to communicate in the dialogues.

Turning Kubler to the position of the United Nations on the issue of Camp Ashraf and the PMOI and said the UN's role is to avert any violence in this matter .. He emphasized that he was moved more than 800 members of the MKO out of 3,000, the United Nations monitor the evacuation process in order to drive them out of Iraq and transported to another country as a humanitarian issue and need to be cooperation between the camp residents themselves and the government Alaracahmn his part, the governor of Karbala hopes of religion, the cat at the press conference: We are looking forward to great cooperation with the United Nations to provide assistance and support for humanitarian projects needed to maintain.

He added that Karbala is the most city in the world has a population growth of up to 5 percent, the largest proportion of the displaced and displaced persons and migrants are in need of projects, including investment projects, has promised the UN representative to be a private visit to Karbala to discuss the projects that you need.

As Vice Chairman of the Board of Karbala Nassif rhetoric: We demand the United Nations to speed up to derail the MKO from Iraq because the people of Karbala were subjected to torture at their hands during the popular uprising in 1991 and they do not forget the massacres they committed against them while they stood with the former regime and thus the terrorism and the Iraqi constitution does not allow that there will be terrorist organizations at home .. also called rhetorical United Nations to assist in the implementation of Karbala, environmental projects, including the Green Belt projects.