US special force arrives in Ein al-Assad airbase

Feb 14, 2016

( Anbar – A police source in Anbar announced on Saturday, that a special force from the United States arrived in Ein al-Assad airbase in al-Baghdadi area west of Anbar (110 km west of Baghdad), while pointed out that the force is escorted by Apache aircrafts, as well as heavy and medium weapons.

The source said in a statement recived by, “Today, US special force arrived in Ein al-Assad airbase in Baghdadi District west of Anbar,” pointed out that, “The tasks of the US force will be focused on targeting ISIS through ground and aerial military operations in the western regions, including Qaim, Husaybah and Heet west of Anbar.”

The source, who requested anonymity, added, “The American force is accompanied by medium and heavy weapons, as well as monitoring devices and a number of Apache helicopters.”