Deputy for the Kurdish change: draft basmaya corruption and apartments distributed mode

February 12, 2016 6:38 pm
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The Deputy Minister confirmed the change block tafakh Ahmed, Friday, "corrupt" files in the basmaya project, with an eye to it "defied" anyone who says that handing over apartments in Iraq are without "mode".

Ahmed said in an interview that "housing projects or other where corruption", saying that "corruption has become a virus in Iraq and Kurdistan.

Ahmed said, "corrupt files also exist in the basmaya project," adding that "Iraq third or seventh ranked among the most corrupt countries.

Ahmed followed, all apartments and land is distributed by medium ", stressing that they" defy anyone say that handed flat without ".

Economic expert Abdul Rahman Al-Mashhadani confirmed Friday that the investment Commission has not fulfilled its promises concerning delivery dates apartments in complex "besmaya, pointing to the existence of" corruption "in the lottery process enter names not registered with the Ministry of construction projects considered does not solve the housing crisis in Iraq.

Investment authority opened, (25 September 2011), registration and website on housing units at besmaya, complex and priority registration for employees and retirees, then citizens and came after Korean company contracted with hanwai to create 100 thousand residential units in the complex.