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Scandal caliber .. Nassif reveal smuggling families minister "corrupt" out of Iraq and demanding the intervention Abadi

MP confirmed for a coalition of state law, high Nassif that there are some of the corrupt ministers felt threatened and began the deportation of families from Baghdad to outside Iraq claim Abadi, a decision prevents the exit of any minister of the ministry until after discharge Zmth.oukalt Nassif said that «the invitation Abadi to a cabinet reshuffle may late came, but it «comes late is better than not to come», pointing out that we «we want that the new ministerial cabinets have the professionalism and be a government of technocrats», adding that «supposed to take Abadi resolution facilities for this reformist change is that does not allow any minister out of the ministry only after discharged », pointing out that« there are some corrupt ministers who raised around them corrupted files felt threatened and began the deportation of their families to America ».opent Nassif said« change that actually benefit the country, is a comprehensive change Eabenat ministerial exception of two or three Cabinet just because they have the professionalism and integrity. » The Prime Minister called for the dismissal of the minister provide for himself pointed out that the selection of the new minister should be from outside the political process.