Launch functional degrees in hospital Holy Shrine

10:47 am, February 12, 2016

Karbala local opinion

Hospital Director Zainal Abidin (PBUH) Imam of the Holy Shrine of Amir Nuri glokhan start receiving those wishing to work in hospital system of temporary contracts where applicants are selected by the scientific competence and jurisdiction after the "Special Committee" based on interviews by the applicants and other tests.
The Hospital Director said in a statement glokhan moved site holy shrine seen by (opinion) that "the rendering mechanism is through attendance and form requested information consisting of several fields and specify the desired postion to work."
He added that "all medical specialties are targeted primarily, in addition to quality management staff and management Informatics, training, development and medical personnel and employees of queries and guards, drivers and service staff.
The hospital will engage with candidates to work for 3 months as an initial phase during which the employee is subject to experiment and then renew the contract after expiration if proven.
Called "glokhan" of applicants to bring official documents with an image of "white background" are included in the free form that pulls from the hospital administration.
Hospital receives applicants for vacant posts at its headquarters near Karbala's Ahmed Al daily from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. except Friday.
And did not require a hospital administration that applicant to serve residents of Karbala exclusively but called the sons of other governorates to apply but stressed that it was not bound by the provision of housing for them. "end quote