Deputy for the National Alliance: the opening of representations of the components of an Iraqi in Washington, contrary to diplomatic norms

9:22, February 12, 2016

BAGHDAD - Politics - opinion -
National Alliance MP Abbas al-Bayati said the opening of representations of the components of Iraq in Washington, other than diplomatic norms, while the Foreign Ministry demanded an alert US counterpart about the subject.
He said al-Bayati said the opening of representations on behalf of the Iraqi components in Washington than diplomatic norms is to weaken the federal government and the Ministry of Foreign countries are dealing with their counterparts, indicating that the move does not serve the national reconciliation process or the political process in the country.
He added that the year is part of the Iraqi government does not complain of marginalization or exclusion, and that such a move would send the wrong message to the Iraqi people for being deepened the internal contradictions and encourages the parties to the sectarian retrenchment than encourage them to engage in dialogue, communication and consensus among them for the management of the state and power, demanding the Iraqi Foreign Ministry said alerted US counterpart, the seriousness of such a step because it will lead to the survival and continuity of the crisis, instead of seeking to Hhaltha.
He revealed Ethel Najafi, Thursday, for the opening of the representative office for Iraq's Sunnis in the United States of America.
Nujaifi said in a statement, said that "the reports about the opening of the Representation of the Sunnis in America is correct," noting that "the opening of the Representative Office was in collaboration with the" required to eliminate "former Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi."
He explained that "the goal of creating a Representative Office, is to convey the suffering of Sunnis in Iraq to the international community." is over