Chairman of the Higher Committee for Haj and Umrah and Interior Minister discuss insurance protection on the ports that will be distributed to apply for pilgrimage on citizens card

2016-02-12 03:47:48 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Search Head of the Supreme Commission for Hajj and Umrah, Sheikh d. Khalid al-Attiyah with Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban ways to secure the necessary protection to the ports accredited to the Authority in Baghdad and the provinces, which will be distributed through which electronic draw for Hajj presentation card.
He stressed the official spokesman for the Authority Hassan Fahd Kanani "the importance of holding this meeting, which came to complement the pursuit of body hard to secure the necessary protection for citizens who Siqsdon approved outlets by the Authority in Baghdad and the provinces in order to get special e-card Apply the draw for the pilgrimage for the years (2017_ 2018 )M".
He said Kanani "The meeting resulted in the promotion of the ties of joint cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior as one of the key players, retaining and supporting the work of the Commission, through the provision of security in the approved ports that Sfthaa the middle of this month, the Authority has been announced in all visual media and print and audio, which is expected to get wide support from esteemed citizens. "