Bahaa al-Araji: the preparatory committee of the meet tomorrow to set the national agenda of the meeting
On: Tuesday 13/03/2012 13:56

Baghdad (news) .. Said the head of the Liberal MP / National Alliance / Bahaa al-Araji, the Preparatory Committee for the national meeting agreed to form a small committee to set the agenda of the national meeting in record time that meets on Wednesday to approved by the Preparatory Committee.
Araji said in a statement issued by his office received (Agency News of news) a copy of it on Tuesday: It's been discussed a draft agenda, agreed upon and there is another piece of paper provided by the Alliance of Kurdistan and Iraq has not been agreed upon which is in substance no different from the previous sheet, but it is new, and this requires changing the structure of the agenda, noting that meeting and put the structure of the agenda to be building a formal table.
said Araji: It was a special commission to complete its work in record time to meet on Wednesday the announcement about vocabulary of this structure to be in front of the agenda approved by the Preparatory Committee.
He added that the conferees agreed not to escalation of the media and give confidence to the public and must be solutions through the constitutional institutions to keep this Committee for the follow-up, explaining that the committee when it completes its work will raise the table to the President, as the official sponsor of the national meeting, one of which would identify the date and map a new parliament and government in the coming years.