Parliamentary Energy: Re-national oil company, displays the country's wealth for the control of the owners of capital

February 11, 2016 11:38
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He parliamentary energy committee member Jamal al-Muhammadawi, Thursday, for fear of inviting the Oil Ministry to re-establish the national oil company and selling shares to citizens, anticipated exposure of national wealth controlled by the owners of capital.

He said Muhammadawi in a press statement, said that "fear of re-activating the law of the national oil company because it may expose national wealth, which are the property of all Iraqis, according to the Constitution to control a small group represented to employers capital on the grounds that low-income owners who are the majority of people can not buy the company's shares in case it presented to the public. "
Muhammadawi and wondered, "What guarantees can be prevented from subjecting the company to political parties or businessmen or thieves of public money and thus be prone to corruption that is eating away at the body of the state in the absence of political and security stability, which results in a waste of national wealth."
The Oil Ministry hinted earlier in the possibility of the project of the law and the national oil company, which allows the company selling shares to the general public |