Invitation to the need to develop a mechanism thought to pay country's debt

On: Tuesday 13/3/2012 8:14

 Baghdad / follow-up range
called a member of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives Mahma Khalil to the need to develop a new mechanism for the payment of external debt without impact on the state budget, to avoid the sanctions that the Iraqi economy. Khalil said, according to (Olokulhalabaria news): The development of a new mechanism based on scientific and economic basis for the payment of Iraq's foreign debt incurred by him, so as not to affect the general budget, noting that the rentier economy of the country dependent on oil revenues. Khelil said:

That Iraq does not need this debt due to the policy of the former regime arbitrary and that made the Iraqi economy deteriorating by bringing debt and use of the wars and to buy weapons, which were the lives of the people. Khalilzad said: The government should avoid economic sanctions continued against Iraq by increasing interest as a result of non-payment of debt implications due to the States, mostly from Arab countries that the Western countries and Asia have canceled all debts owed by Iraq.