Sudan underscores the need to prepare a program for donors to promote the sector to work in Iraq

Dated: Thursday 02.11.2016 7:38

Follow-up / Iraq today
The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani, said: "Iraq needs the support of international organizations for the advancement of economic sectors in the country, especially the work that faces great challenges in light of the circumstances surrounding the country's industry."
The Sudanese during his meeting with the ILO mission team in the presence agent oldest ministry and a number of experts and representatives of the ministries of labor and planning and working committee and parliamentary representatives of the trade union federations and the Iraqi industries, said: "The meetings and meetings convened by the ILO mission with the ministry and the social partners reached a number of ideas and proposals that would raise the profile of the labor sector in the country, especially with regard to supporting the private sector. " He said: "The ministry has a range of important points, which seeks to be implemented in cooperation with the social partners included the completion of stalled projects that relate to job creation and skills-building, and to identify the operational framework of the policy of the National Employment as well as other programs in the area to get to know the world of business and conduct surveys of the work force and projects Industrial and unemployment. " He explained that: "There is a need to prepare a decent work program in accordance with international standards of product support in the private sector work and provide jobs for the unemployed and to address the informal work, in order to ensure an orderly transition and gradually into the building on a fair wage and the work is protected informal economy, stressing the need to strengthen the technical capacity and normative to develop a system of labor inspection. " He pointed to the importance of a "legal calendar, institutional and my knowledge of the pension system and social security for the workers, as well as the implementation of a program to build and develop the social partners capabilities," pointing out that "serious and honest government and has directed a real will to correct tracks and support the private sector and that part of the support requirements are through the points and issues mentioned above. " He stressed that: "There is a maturity falls on the government in the reconstruction of areas liberated from al Daash terrorist requires the preparation of a special program donors for the advancement of those regions and the labor sector where the fact that poverty and unemployment clearly risen in the country with the displacement of millions of families from those areas rates" . And that: "committed to its authorities, all of the ethical responsibilities towards the people of those areas, the state government is looking to support the UN in this context," adding that: "This visit will establish the prospects for cooperation and wide from the historical relationship between Iraq and the representatives of the Ministry of Labor with the International Labor Organization. From for his part, the President of the Mission Frank Hgman, Deputy regional Director of the ILO welcomed the minister and those present at the meeting said: "the organization looked at all the notes the problems presented by the Minister of experts and social partners regarding the development of the labor sector in the country," noting that "the organization need to analysis of these issues and observations to find solutions to them. "He explained that:" there is a common Labour Organisation in Iraq work activities especially with regard to legislation and the development of small and medium enterprises as well as privatization and the development of skills and vocational training, "noting that" the organization will establish a point begin to cooperate more with Iraq various areas pertaining to the business segments and other aspects relating to training and skills development. "