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Nassif reveal "smuggle" the families of ministers "corrupt" to American demands to intervene Abadi
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BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Areej al-Taie

MP confirmed for a coalition of state law, high Nassif, Wednesday, that there are some of the corrupt ministers felt Baktr and began to deport their families from Baghdad to America, claim Abadi, a decision prevents the exit of any minister of the ministry only after discharged.

Nassif said in an interview with "Sky Press," that "call-Abadi to hold a ministerial change may come too late, but it was" late coming is better than not to come, "pointing out that" we want that the new ministerial cabinets have the professionalism and be a government of technocrats. "

She added, that "it is supposed to take Abadi resolution facilities for this reformist change, which is not to allow any minister to get out of the ministry only after discharged," a sign that "there are some corrupt ministers who raised around them corrupted files felt threatened and began the deportation of their families to America ".

Nassif showed that "the change that actually benefit the country, is a comprehensive change Eabenat ministerial exception of two or three Cabinet just because they have the professionalism and integrity."

She noted that "should not be an invitation Abadi yesterday on the type of claim, but he has to take decisive decisions are consistent with the challenges faced by the country."

He admitted the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday evening, the failure of government "harmonious team" formed by the political blocs, and support in the House of Representatives asked the government to conduct cabinet reshuffle "substantial" include personalities "technocrats."

Ebadi said, "it was the selection of ministers on the basis of the selection of the political blocs, as provided by the constitution, and within the political representation and the size of the political blocs in parliament, has been approved by the Parliament on this basis," adding, "I'm Out of responsibility and accessories stage claimed to cabinet reshuffle substantially includes professional figures and technocrats and academics. "