References Shiite Iraqi politicians refuse to receive

Writings Wednesday , February 10, 2016 16:18 am

Wrote Ali Husseini revealed local sources in the city of Najaf on Wednesday, the refusal of prominent religious references reception political leaders and government officials in the country, as a message of dissatisfaction on the style of their management and way of dealing with the current challenges plaguing the country.

He emphasized a Motamedi prominent cleric cleric Ali al-Sistani "the reference Sistani, has decided not to receive any of the current state officials or members of parliament from the National Alliance or the other." The source, who asked not to be named, that the three requests to meet with the reference like that provided by government officials and politicians two prominent dismissed from the office of Mr. al-Sistani, noting that other references made ​​the same decision, most notably the reference Najafi.

The source explained that "the reference Najaf decided not to be a partner in the current situation through its support of the government or politicians, because of the obvious pitfalls big failure in the security file or the economy. "

this comes a few days to announce a reference Najaf to stop political speeches yet," because of the politicians listen to them, "according to a statement by Ahmad Safi a spokesman for reference.

the raised position of the reference question marks several about the possibility of lifting support for the ruling National Alliance for the country, and the government of Haider al-Abadi, after his failure in the implementation of the promises of reform made ​​by such as the formation of the government.

for his part, he said Iraqi political analyst Hussein Wali, said that "the position of The new reference apologize for the reception of politicians and officials of the government of the country is the message of dissatisfaction and resentment. "

he said Wali, that" dissatisfaction with religious references an extension of the discontent of the fate of the political process in Iraq, may lead to the removal of subsidies by which could strengthen the Iraqi street to renew Tzepehrth. "

plaguing Iraq and the wave of severe poverty and unemployment, while graduated demonstrations calling for reform and stop the waste and corruption in the country.