Urgent ... A source in the Cabinet Secretariat of "news": on 28-29 March being national holiday to coincide with the Summit, Arabic

Date: Tuesday, 31-03-2012 02: 01 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ...Detect the source of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on the decision of the Government to consult the Cabinet Secretariat as on 28-29 March being national holiday, coinciding with the Summit Arabic of Baghdad.

Source (News Agency news) on Tuesday: the definitive decision as on Wednesday and Thursday (28-29) holiday, they noticed him success Summit as an important event for Iraq and the region generally Arabic, as well as the security measures that might impede or delay the arrival of staff to their constituencies, causing confusion to them.

The source added: the secretariat will issue an official statement remarks during the coming days, anxious to the success of the Summit and watch events from the Arabic by Iraqis.
Arabic Summit is in Baghdad, the biggest international event organized by the country since 2003, with the Secretariat of the Committee formed to secure Baghdad requirements for Arabic Summit and provide insights and ideas and preparations required to improve and develop physical interface for the city, commensurate with its history and its place in coordination with the competent ministries and bodies, and announced at the end of last January, the entire preparations for the Summit are 100% completed.

The Arabic Iraq Summit hosted twice, first in 1978 and which decides which firms and institutions working in Egypt which deal directly with Israel and not to approve the agreement at Camp David, the second Summit which brought the number 12 and held in 1990 had seen the attendance of all Arab leaders with the exception of former Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad who was in antagonism with the regime of President Saddam Hussein, Yasser Baath leadership background and the position of Syria in support of Iran's eight-year war Fought with Iraq, also saw sharp tensions Summit between Iraq on the one hand and the State of Kuwait and the U.A.E., meanwhile, broke out after the Gulf War II./finished/4 n. p.