Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance: agendas imposed on the political forces to delay the National Congress of the post-Arab Summit
On: Tuesday 13/03/2012 14:18

Baghdad (news) .. most likely MP / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Hassan Jihad Takhirakd National Congress to impose agendas on the political forces and held after the Arab summit.
Jihad said in a statement (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: No one can diagnose the cause of delay Conference National because of all the political blocs had expressed willingness and desire the need to convene the National Congress, but after the imposition of agendas of the political blocs complicated things become not conducive to the national conference was held before the Arab Summit.
He added that the National Conference will be held after the Arab summit, but he will not "magic wand" and solve all differences outstanding, but will address some outstanding issues which need to be addressed to the political process forward, noting that the political process in dire need of the National Congress for the conduct of the political process.
He jihad: that some political forces (not designated) imposed by the agendas for the postponement of the National Conference after the Conference Arab summit.
This was confirmed by a coalition of state law, MP / National Alliance / Mahmoud Hassan that the National Conference depends on ending the Preparatory Committee of the agenda, noting that the coalition will stick to the date of the conference after it determines the mini-committee that emerged from Alganhalthouderia.
Hassan said In a statement (of the Agency news) already told MP Hassan Jihad: The National Alliance does not wish to delay the National Congress until after the Arab summit, but there is a preparatory committee for the development of the necessary preparations to hold the National Congress and therefore once completed the Committee that preparations conference will be held.
He added that the Committee preparations composed of all the political blocs and when completed preparations Alliance National Ready for the conference before the Arab summit or after, strange to link some of the parties hold the conference in the Arab Summit, noting that the Arab summit meant to address Arab issues on the Arab arena and the National Congress mean differences Iraq's internal .
said deputy state law to: there are many differences caught between all the political blocs and not only between Iraq and the rule of law and there may be differences with the other blocs Ackbyr differences Iraqi rule of law. /