US shale oil on the verge of bankruptcy

02.10.2016 at 08:42 (Baghdad time)

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Waiting for the United States bankruptcy lot of shale oil companies.

Where a major US energy company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Reports said that the total debt of Chesapeake Energy Corporation rose to $ 11.6 billion, the equivalent of times the market value.
This was the company invests more money in the field of oil shale, and began to face more difficulties after oil prices fell, and its shares fell by 93 per cent in the year.

The agency said the Bloomberg news agency that Chesapeake Energy Corporation is preparing to declare bankruptcy.

Last year saw the bankruptcy of many US shale oil companies, mostly small and medium-sized businesses, and it seems that it was the turn of a large company.

The expert says Vasily Olenek of IT Invest company that he must announce many American companies go bankrupt in the next few months. Ended 29/4 e