Basra constitute a body to maximize its resources announces the "bankruptcy of the province."

02/10/2016 12:01:00 am

The local government announced in Basra on Tuesday, the formation of a supreme body to maximize financial earnings after the treasury empty the province of the funds by the financial distress caused by low oil prices, while the body of government departments working in Basra demanded the extradition of its revenues to the local government and not to convert the Ministry of Finance.
The governor said Majid Mahdi Nasraoui during a press conference held at the Office of the province, seen by the "long", said that "Basra is facing a very severe financial distress, it has become the operating budget free from money, it is no longer possible to pay the salaries of those working formula daily wage in the directorates of health, sewage and municipal and municipalities, and no longer gets sick which sleep in public hospitals and meals, as the hospital was forced to stop making cold processes (low necessary) due to running out of certain types of materials and medical supplies, "noting that" under these conditions we decided to move forcefully and not to remain silent , so we formed a supreme body to maximize local government revenue, and the first resolution to convert operating in Basra circles revenues to the province and not sent to the ministries associated in Baghdad, as the fees and taxes to maintain eligibility. "
He conservative that "the manager who does not abide by the decision will be held accountable, it is unacceptable that Basra give everything and get nothing," adding that "the local government in the process of opening a new bank account in preparation for taking its share of border crossings revenues amounting to 50% under the law provincial No. 21 for the year 2008 average, it's also the process of implementing another project to maximize the financial revenues that would impose taxes and fees on restaurants, schools and civil hospitals. " For his part, Head of the Legal and Administrative Committee of the provincial council, Ahmed Abdul-Hussein, said that "the local government is forced to look for alternatives as a result of the lack of financial allocations from the federal government," explaining that "the local government will be careful not to impact on the poor when imposing new taxes and fees ".
Abdul-Hussein pointed out that "the Ministry of Finance is stalling to give Basra financial dues despite the fact that the province supply the state treasury most of its revenues," adding that "local government is determined to pass a local decisions and legislation that allow them to take taxes, fees and fines generated by government departments to be spent in the plug great in the province's budget. "
The province of Basra, which is the oil industry center in Iraq, and includes commercial ports large government and factories have spent most of the amounts obtained from the federal government over the past year to repay debt and pay the costs of ongoing projects (under construction), where the province has not seen the implementation of new projects worth attention during the previous year and this year, local officials ruled out the implementation of new vital projects during the first half of next year at least, but in the case of agreement with the companies on the implementation of projects in a manner payment on credit was also reflected in the case negatively on the service situation in the province, also damaged situation economic strongly.