The weakness of the actual investment restricts economic development

2/10/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Imad emirate
said economist need for the capabilities of administrative and technical high efficiency, as well as keystone correction in human behavior (corruption), for the advancement of the economy, stressing that any increase in development spending for any depends on their economic expansion, what makes them essential agents of development.

And d economist said. Awad Fadhil «morning« to embrace behavioral deviation towards the exploitation of resources should not be underestimated in the interpretation of supply constraints, pointing out that the warning signs fired by international organizations concerned with transparency stating that Iraq occupied the center stage among the most corrupt countries in the world among 178 countries, as the second order of Iraq was an Arab and 169 worldwide according to a report corruption Perceptions in the world for the year 2012 issued by transparency international, did not surpass him in the Arab corruption rates only Somalia and globally Afghanistan and Myanmar.

he said regardless of the accuracy of this information or not, the indicators warn of the presence of a bug so the state alone has the impact on the overall economy and his ability, and it must not fail to be in control in the center of the economy, in order to Atvhl to make the best use of scarce resources and converted into a mere guard dishonest.

He stated that the loss of harmony between financial abundance and Maalt him structures master and rates of growth of the productive sectors of goods excluding oil disclose the outcome of daunting, and this apartment not only reflects the investment and the low absorptive capacity rate, but also indicate the existence of a significant deviation in the availability of resources and the method employed for the infrastructure for the production, whether in the form of incomplete implementation or not projects implemented once and for all or leave the project before implementation or steal his money and lay a tender projects to certain companies do not qualify technically and financially, the negative impact on project costs and the size of indulging in behavioral deviation towards the use of resources and the weakness of the actual rate of investment, which has become the recipe closely the Iraqi economy.

He said Fadel whenever escalating abuse of a surplus of available financial resources receded actual rate of investment, economic investing in essence building a new capital with a view to development use their purchasing power which is reflected in the end means a real production of new Atsel and Atesr only, but be a factor creator of growth, in other words that the deficiencies in experience regulatory and administrative with the misuse of resources, leading to a negative impact on the productivity of the investment rate, expressed as laboratories marginal output or income to capital, ie the relationship between the increase in GDP or income, increase investment, also Maani low investment efficiency, and in turn lead to increased need for economy Iraqi funding to achieve the growth target.

among Fadel: involves non-optimal use on a non-Mahmoud economic impact on the production and installation size, geographically spread, and socially on the beneficiary groups as the structure of a new growing and influential in the changes needed for the structure of the productive forces.

He concluded by saying: that the secretions the current phase of these structural forces escalate and greedily has become a constraint on the estimated utilization of financial resources, in particular investment expenditure, and that the loss of resources is a positive function of widening the base of these forces, extent and Maandjem by the decline in the needs of development.