Alliance midfielders: indicators of an Iraqi-Kuwaiti agreement to resolve outstanding files ...And Maliki Chairmen of political blocs to visit

Date: Tuesday, 31-03-2012 12: 21 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Leading Islamic Party stressed Deputy/Iraqi/coalition Khaled Al-alwani, the need for Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki the involvement of the heads of the political blocs in his visit to Kuwait, said a preliminary agreement between Iraq and Kuwait to resolve the outstanding issues between the two countries.
Al-alwani told reporters (News Agency news) on Tuesday: Prime Minister's visit to Kuwait was to focus on resolving the issue of the Kuwaiti port of Mubarak and debt and exit Iraq from Chapter VII, there are halhah direction out of these issues, as well as the existence of a tentative agreement and positive indicators for resolution, stressing the visit should be governed by transparency and clarity and Maliki Chairmen of political blocs (National Alliance, Iraqi, Kurdistan Alliance list) or their representatives during the visit to see political deals or agreement to resolve issues Outstanding between the parties.
Earlier, a member of the coalition of State law, the National Alliance Deputy/Ihsan Al-Awadi that visited the prospective Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Kuwait will end estrangement between the two countries.
He said Al-Awadi (News Agency news) on Thursday: two barbed wire spool the links since the former regime and some observations on the role of the Government of Kuwait particularly after 2003, noting that Iraq open to Kuwait there are good political and economic relationship satisfactory to all parties.
He added: the repeated calls by Kuwait to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to visit Kuwait are blessing and all reliable and may be in the end for deterministic between States parties and lhalhalh problems including the port of Faw port Mubarak and many other problems.
He said that the spacing and a loss of confidence between the two sides is another solution to many things but in multiple visits and invitations and speech which يقرء between the alhakotin can be a solution to all outstanding problems.
The file differences and border between Iraq and Kuwait oil, began after Britain decided in 1961 on the granting of independence to Kuwait, the refusal of the late Prime Minister Abdel Karim Kassem acknowledged, and then annexation of Kuwait called for Basra, despite recognition of the Iraqi Government, which dominated the Baath party in 1963 after dropping system Abdel Karim Kassem, the independence of Kuwait to deal some historians stated that it was in exchange for giving the Government money due to disability, which was experiencing, but Saddam Hussain, who belongs to the same party, decided in August 1990 invasion of Kuwait on the background of problems on the border and you draw her and conflict on some oil wells./ended/7 n. p.