International Monetary propose to cancel Iraq's ration card

20:13 9/2/2016
International Monetary propose to cancel Iraq's ration card

The Iraqi Ministry of Commerce for a proposal for the International Monetary Fund to cancel Iraq's food rationing system, backed by the government in the ration card "strongly" news denying to accept the ministry of this proposal. "

A statement of the Ministry of the Minister of Trade and agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese say, that "There is no intention for the Iraqi government to cancel the ration card Awaiagaf processing, supply and distribution operations covered by the ration card system."

Sudan also denied "any attempt to cancel the ration card through pressure from the International Monetary Fund on the Iraqi government to grant loans to Iraq and that all Menzdd is just rumors some parties trying to promote it in a while."

The Minister of Commerce that "the IMF would give countries the economic proposals and projects to support but there is the insistence of the government to continue to support the ration card project, despite the difficult financial circumstances facing the country," pointing to "the allocation of two billion and 800 million dollars a counterbalance for the ration card in the 2016 budget and this itself the same support even though he does not meet the needs in an integrated manner, but lead to the arrival of food to citizens in this difficult situation. "

Sudanese and revealed "the existence of a plan to reform the ration card system is applied now in the Hurriya district in Najaf and also there is a government commission manages the ration card system to be directed to the poor and needy who are large layer in the Iraqi society."