Body of advisers recommend approving budget programmes of donor States to reform economy

Date: Tuesday, 31-03-2012 11: 17 am

Baghdad (newsletter) ... Supervisory Committee met for special assignments unit of economic reform with a prime ministerial advisers to discuss progress in the implementation of the programme of economic reform and development performance in government institutions.

Statement said the Panel received (News Agency news) Tuesday: meeting advised adoption programme budget and the amounts made by donor States and areas of focus in the current year's economic reform and stressed the support of the Group of public enterprise reform and develop mechanisms and training support group land management reform and support to inventory and classify lands and formatted for investment as well as to support the efforts of the tax reform and the implementation of the road map provided for this purpose, the provision of concessional finance for SMEs, and to support the private sector.
Advisers said the Chief thamir ghadhban, who chaired the meeting: this meeting comes after a series of meetings of the Supervisory Committee regularly for special assignments unit for periodic economic reform, the first this year under the leadership shared by the Iraqi side and the United Nations to assess what was done according to mamkhtat into a reform road map that will address many of the structural imbalances in the public administration and how to enable the private sector to play its role in partnership with the public sector and improving the economic performance of the add State To legislative reform.

For his part praised the United Nations resident coordinator Edward Kallon Agency on the role played by a body of advisers in the Office of the Prime Minister in the management of this project, an ideological one obligation of international partners in supporting the efforts of the Government of Iraq in the implementation of the programme of economic reform and private sector support and development in the new stage.

The meeting was attended by the United Nations resident coordinator and agency representatives of the ministries concerned and representatives of the territory to international partners krstan from the United Nations, the World Bank and the Polish Ambassador and the United States Agency for international development and the representatives of the US Embassy, the Swedish aid agency and representatives of the private sector and a number of experts and advisers in the body, with the participation of the Regional Office of the United Nations in Oman via CCTV./finished/d/s.