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Thread: The true value of the iqd

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    Re: The true value of the iqd

    Quote Originally Posted by Kblp View Post
    It's real you claim? You must not know how it works then because none of your number crunching theories have panned out. Exactly like all the dinar RV mumbo jumbo. Endless obfuscating with zero occurences of any of it actually turning out the way you or any of the other dinar hypesters claim. Quite an amazing track record you guys have there. You can't make this stuff up. It's so ridiculous it would be hilarious...if it weren't all poppycock.
    Now now Kblp... Lets be civil... Frankly you are not being very honest... My posts clearly state there is a possibility it could occur on certain dates... Not emphatically... You, and I both know that Christine Lagarde places a great deal of importance on numerology... As do many who hold positions in high places within our world... Even scripture points out that we are to calculate the number of the beast, or man of sin... His number being 666... God already knows the end from the beginning, and understood that numerology would play a huge part in how our present evil age is governed...

    Anyway, have a great day, and be at peace through Christ Jesus...
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    Re: The true value of the iqd

    Don't condecendingly "now now" and play word games with me Popeye. When you say "let's be civil", what you really mean is let's not be so honest. The truth of the matter is transparency makes you uncomfortable so as usual you hedge, spin and deflect to avoid truth.
    In response to your deflection, why are you interjecting discussion about calculating the number of the beast? And why would anyone calculate a number you've already given? No mystical b.s.discussion of those things is necassary relating to the subject of this thread.

    On your desperate importance of Christine Lagarde's numerology...I have no such knowledge that she places a great deal of importance on it as you claim. But who cares if she does? I'm supposed to care because she's a high ranking official at the IMF? That somehow makes everything she says about it true in your mind? Somehow Christine Lagarde's supposed belief in numerology lends credence to your mumbo jumbo about an Iraqi dinar revaluation? The same mumbo jumbo from you and every other IQD RV promoter which has been 100% wrong 100% of the time and shall continue to be for eternity.

    You claim I'm being dishonest and try to make the case that it's because you said ....your "posts clearly state there is a possibility it could occur on certain dates." Really Popeye? A possibility huh? That somehow makes your endless ridiculous statements reasonable huh? Of course you didn't state anything emphatically and you never will because you know you can't lie your way around it if you do.

    Don't speak to me about civility. Truth IS civility! You should try it sometime.
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    Re: The true value of the iqd

    Hey Kblp... How has life been treating you since our last conversation, or your response to my last post on this particular thread... Much has transpired, and it looks as though Iraq is finally getting their act together... Hope all is well for you, and you survived the Covid situation... Sad how that played out for something that had a 99 percent survival rate... Living in precarious times, and the unpredictability of it all as Satan is the god of this world as 2 Corinthians chapter 4 reminds us...

    I have been meaning to ask if you are invested in the dinar?... Hope you are as this period of time Christine Lagarde cryptically spoke of in her numerology message it coming to pass... God has allowed for so much to happen in order to show just how much we need His kingdom on earth... Listening to Him has certainly not been mankind's forte, and the results of it have certainly been evident over the centuries... By the way, I was never condescending towards you at all... I was being sincere about God leading many to this investment in order to give us an opportunity to be of help to others whose sufferings have only grown worse as we both know since our last post... It has always been on God's watch that this take place, and HE knows how reliant we can become on the creation... Rather than trusting in HIM when wealth is acquired...

    I am hoping, and praying that all of us understand that we are being given an opportunity to prepare, and further work out our salvation through Christ Jesus while not having to concern ourselves with the affairs of the flesh due to so much time being consumed, and not much emphasis being placed on one's Spiritual life... In the aftermath of this, there is going to be great peril as scripture points out... Whether any of us are alive at that point in time when tribulation, followed by Great Tribulation encompass's this world, is up to our Creator of course... But again, a time for preparing ourselves in His Son as our source of strength, and salvation will occur...

    Thankfully our God, and Redeemer is mercifully kind, and grants us reprieves from troubles in order to catch our breath so to speak, and not be overwhelmed... God also hopes we learn the lessons of the past, and understand that we must not repeat these mistakes... Which, as history has glaringly shown, as a whole, we have failed miserably... Which again brings back our need for HIS return, and our Savior's rule over the affairs of mankind... While the WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE HE alone exemplifies, leads those who accept HIM as their Redeemer through God's righteousness to eternity... As their names will be written in the Lambs Book of Life...

    Hope all is well... Take care, and God bless

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