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    It's real you claim? You must not know how it works then because none of your number crunching theories have panned out. Exactly like all the dinar RV mumbo jumbo. Endless obfuscating with zero occurences of any of it actually turning out the way you or any of the other dinar hypesters claim. Quite an amazing track record you guys have there. You can't make this stuff up. It's so ridiculous it would be hilarious...if it weren't all poppycock.
    Now now Kblp... Lets be civil... Frankly you are not being very honest... My posts clearly state there is a possibility it could occur on certain dates... Not emphatically... You, and I both know that Christine Lagarde places a great deal of importance on numerology... As do many who hold positions in high places within our world... Even scripture points out that we are to calculate the number of the beast, or man of sin... His number being 666... God already knows the end from the beginning, and understood that numerology would play a huge part in how our present evil age is governed...

    Anyway, have a great day, and be at peace through Christ Jesus...
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